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Rapper Ludacris Dishes on ‘Karmas World’ & Keeping His Marriage Strong | WATCH

*Award-winning rapper, actor, and producer Ludacris (Chris Bridges) chops it up with Radio/TV personality Jazmyn ‘Jaz’ Summers, host of EURweb.com Spotlight about season two of the inspirational “Karma’s World” which drops tonight on Netflix.  The series is conceived of and produced by Chris who also is the voice of Karma’s dad.

“It is inspired by my oldest daughter (Karma).  This was 14 years in the making.  It’s a true testament to never giving up on your dreams and goals and just discipline and hard work. Going through ups and downs, failing and then getting better and better each time to bring it to the world.  Season 1, I was so happy to get it out to the world and now because of your support it’s so great that now we have a season two.  I couldn’t be happier with the response. Loving that everyone is identifying with this and seeing the representation that we put into this show,” he shares with Jaz.

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‘Karma’s World’

” Karma’s World” follows Karma, an aspiring musical artist and rapper with huge talent and ambition, and an even bigger heart. She and her tight-knit crew face the challenges of growing up while learning to express
themselves and inspire others … one song at a time. Each episode of the animated kid series features all-new original music and the power of community and family.

“The good thing is that the album is out as well so people can stream “Karma’s World” album,” Luda tells EURweb.com Spotlight. “It’s good reinforcement of everything you see on the show and new songs. Because of the support, we have Mattel Dolls coming out in the summertime. All the texture of the hair (on the dolls) reinforces the “Proud of My Hair” song.  You guys are speaking volumes and I can’t thank you guys enough because without your support none of this would be possible.”

Netflix Series “Karma’s World” (courtesy of Netflix)

Ludacris is proud of another accomplishment.  He and wife Eudoxie’s marriage is going on 8 years.  His marriage proposal is one for the romance books. They were on their way to a baecation: “I planned it out when we were on a plane, we took off and when we got to a certain height she looked down in the grass and it was spelled out will you marry me,” he dishes.

But it hasn’t all been easy, the couple has overcome a miscarriage and infidelity but Luda says they’re going strong,

Ludacris flying plane (Instagram)

“The secret is not to talk so much in social media or to the world about it,” he discloses. “Honestly that’s how we keep it together.  Man, we love each other,  you constantly grow, you constantly evolve, you constantly mature together and you know that this life here on this earth here is short so you gotta build a legacy together, you gotta build a family, you gotta teach the kids to carry on the tradition. All these different things  but there’s so much respect and so much love between us, that’s where it comes from.”

“It’s also the inspiration behind me doing something and being the change I want to see in the world like ‘Karma’s World’ so that the entire family can support and this becomes not only a family heirloom but something that the kids can work with and if they so choose. They can be a part of what’s going on when they grow older,” he reveals.

Ludacris and wife Eudoxie (courtesy of Facebook)
Ludacris and wife Eudoxie (courtesy of Facebook)

Luda now has 5 girls, two with his wife Eudoxie,  but they all live with him except the oldest one.  Will he try for a son, which he’s always wanted?

“I don’t know man. We’ll see what happens,” he answers. “Right now, I don’t even know if it’s my choice right now but they are the inspiration.  That’s exactly why I feel like I’m getting signs from the most-high to continue to create shows like ‘Karmas World’ and that’s why we’re doing that. I gotta make sure that I leave something for my girls.”

Ludacris' daughters (facebook)
Ludacris’ daughters (facebook)

Eudoxie hails from Gabon in West Africa and came to America — knowing little-to-no English — to escape the atrocities of Gabon. She’s inspired Luda to learn French and become a dual citizen.

“She surprised me with that citizenship (idea). We went there for the year of the return about two or three years ago and man it was a beautiful thing. My entire family, all the girls and my mom, we all got citizenship.”

Ludacris (from Facebook)
Rapper, actor, producer Ludacris (from Facebook)

He encourages African Americans to embrace their African heritage.

“We are all fah real fah real African Americans – descendants of Africa.  If it is within your means,  I definitely would encourage everybody to try to take that trip back to the motherland and get to those roots and understand the pan-African and the diaspora. There are beautiful things that are going on there which brings it all back to ‘Karma’s World’ and the importance of representation.”

Karma's World from Facebook
Karma’s World from Facebook

The family is dedicated to philanthropy.  His mother Roberta heads up the Ludacris Foundation and Eudoxie remains vocal about the issues in her home country and her passion for philanthropy, often collecting goods and clothing for the people of Gabon and the U.S.

“One hundred percent.  That’s what we are put on this earth to do,” says Ludacris. “Mom is the president of my foundation and we all work hand in hand. What better way to work than to work with your family when giving back to the world.”

Ludacris – Getty

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Jazmyn Summers
Jazmyn Summers

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