Friday, August 12, 2022

‘Roots’ 45th Anniversary Mini-Series With John Amos & Louis Gossett Jr | Watch

The “Roots” mini-series is celebrating its 45th anniversary and EUR had the opportunity to sit down with not one but two legendary actors from the series – Louis Gossett Jr. and John Amos – which first premiered on ABC in 1977.

The show has received over 30 Primetime Emmy Awards nominations and won nine. Plus, they won a Golden Globe and Peabody Award. “Roots” is still considered one of the biggest TV success stories ever.

We talked to Amos who played Toby aka Kunta Kinte and Gossett who played Fiddle.

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Roots, Warner Brothers
Roots Mini-Series Cover 1977

“”Roots” was Gods way of letting me know, ‘this is what I sent you here for boy, this is what I put you on the planet for’…there has never been any doubt in my mind that this role wasn’t predestined for me,” said Amos about how it feels to be apart of something so iconic for the Black community and something that has inspired others to investigate their own family histories.

Warner Brothers
John Amos in 1977 Roots Mini-Series

“You have to act as if your life depended on it. There’s really no such thing as impossible,” said Gossett about inspiring others.

Although it has been 45 years since the “Roots” mini-series has aired both actors have been in several films and TV shows, leaving an industry blueprint for others.

“Roots” is currently streaming on HBO Max and is available to purchase on digital, Blu-ray and DVD.




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