Tuesday, August 16, 2022

‘Snowfall’ Dishes On What Fans Can Expect This Season! | Watch

Franklin Saint is back!

The shutdown that was caused by the pandemic delayed filming leaving fans to wonder and long for the return of “Snowfall.” If you are not familiar with the show “Snowfall” takes place in Los Angeles during the crack era of the 80s. A young Saint (Damson Idris) finds himself in a predicament where he has to sell cocaine. He later learns how to make a cheaper version known as a crack and quickly becomes a drug lord in South Los Angeles. His Uncle Jerome was already a drug dealer but his only product was marijuana. Franklin goes to his Uncle for help and they begin their new family business. But when family is involved with business things can get ugly. Season four of “Snowfall” leaves us wondering what is the fate of the family business. Franklin has found himself at a crossroads and Jerome wants to expand the family business against Franklin’s wishes. 

EUR caught up with the cast at the season five premiere of “Snowfall” to see what we can look forward to with their characters.

“We had time to wind-down and really see what life is about,” said Isiah John, who plays Franklin’s best friend Leon about what he was up to during the filming delay.

He went on to talk about what fans can expect from his character this season. “I think Leon was belittled but because he’s growing with more knowledge, he’s not belittled anymore. You can’t outsmart him now. He’s thinking for himself.” Last season he and Franklin’s relationship was strained and it seems it might still be this season.  

So what about the man of the hour?! Idris aka Saint?

“I think you’re going to see a new Franklin,” Idris about his character this season. “He’s smiled in the past but this season he’s really smiling. He’s enjoying himself.”

If Franklin is enjoying himself and everyone else is stressed and still finding their way, what does this mean? To find out tune in to “Snowfall” Wednesday nights on FX.  




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