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‘Selling Tampa’ is ‘Embarrassing’ Claims DJ Envy – Cast Members Respond to His Criticism

DJ Envy - GettyImages
DJ Envy – GettyImages

Selling Tampa,” which is another of the latest additions on Netflix’s real estate series “Allure Realty,” has been a hit; after all, it took its time at number 1 on Netflix’s “Top Ten” list. However, not everyone is happy about it.

The first criticism has been unleashed by radio personality and “The Breakfact Club” host DJ Envy, who insists the series is “embarrassing”. He is mainly infuriated by the fact that there is nowhere shown any home being sold, as he expected. It seems the climax was supposed to be selling a home, at least according to him, reports theJasmineBrand.

He turned the heat on Adam DiVello, the show’s creator. It so happens that DiVello is also the creator of another real estate series called “Selling Sunset,” which sold homes. It seems DJ Envy expected the same from “Selling Tampa.”

On an Instagram post, he did a quick comparison between the two series and gave his verdict. Here is his uncensored lamentation:

The Same person created both these shows…. SMH. 1 show sold no homes… NONE!!! Kind of embarrassing…The other show sells homes…Hmmm…Anybody else watches these shows??

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DJ Envy - Selling Tampa IG Post via The Shade Room
DJ Envy – Selling Tampa IG Post via The Shade Room

Adam DiVello, who last month posted on IG his excitement about the show’s success, has not yet responded to Envy’s concerns. But he may not have to, for the ladies in the series have responded and said all that can be said.

Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere, one of the cast members, replied in the comment section thus:

Yes thank you so much for watching. The show was filmed throughout a few months and chopped up to just a few episodes 30mins long. We had many closings, but I guess it’s hard to fit all of that content in just a few episodes, so they chose the “juicer” ones cause let’s face it people want to be entertained

She was soon joined in the comments section by Juawana Colbert, her co-star. Colbert said, “@djenvy thank you for watching #sellingtampa and for posting about the show. We welcome you and anyone else who didn’t the sales that was on the show to rewatch it. I personally was apart of one sale that was the largest Allure Realty has had.

She then added, “My question for everyone on here is who did you use to buy or sale your property(s) did they look like us or no? See y’all on Season 2? Godwilling

Another cast member, Sharelle Rosado, also joined. Rosado is engaged to Chad Johnson. On her part, she invited DJ Envy to ‘The Breakfast Club’ her top-rated radio show for further discussion on Envy’s concerns.

“@djenvy how about you have me on the breakfast club so we can discuss this ?? Place me on your calendar please #Sellingtampa

She then added, “people are still comparing a season 1 to a season 4 and not understanding the storyline of Selling Tampa…it’s a new all-black brokerage that is breaking into the luxury market…so of course they are not going to show all the normal homes we sell…I think that is what people are not understanding.”




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