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Drake Joined Raptors Broadcast to Hype 1st Home Court Play in Two Years due to Pandemic (Watch)

Toronto Raptors global ambassador Drake chats with the broadcast team during pre-season game against Houston (Oct. 11, 2021) – Screenshot

*The Toronto Raptors on Monday played a game in their home arena for the first time in nearly two years due to COVID-19 restrictions, and their official “global ambassador” was of course front and center … not only physically, but also joining the TV broadcast from his court side seat.

“So good to be home boys,” Drake said in the third quarter of his team’s pre-season game against Houston, explaining that the pandemic has forced him to drink at home while watching games for too long. Sporting a fuzzy Raptors jacket, a broadcast headset and clutching a drank, the sauced Toronto native stressed he was in “high spirits” as he chatted with the commentators from his adjacent front-row seat.

“Everything’s feeling great, looking great, so great to be around people again, see all these faces. I’m feeling in high spirits boys,” he said. He also laughed about having a few of the players out to his place in the off season and being too gassed from finishing his most recent album to hit the court with them for an early-morning workout. “I think I woke up in the pool that day from what I remember,’ he joked.

The crew wished a happy fourth birthday to Drake’s son, Adonis and the Six God wished his hometown a happy Thanksgiving, which falls on the second Monday in October in Canada.

“I know the city’s watching tonight, I just want to send my love to everybody, you know, it was a tough fight, a tough fight for the last couple years… [I hope they’re doing] as well as possible given the circumstances.”

Watch Drake call the Raptors game below.

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