Thursday, June 13, 2024

Child’s Booster Seat Thrown at Woman’s Head Sparks Brawl at Texas IHOP (Watch)

IHOP brawl
It went down at an IHOP in Victoria, TX after a booster seat was thrown

*IHOP is giving the Waffle House a run for its money – not for its menu, but for its reputation as a venue rife with customer brawls.

Viral video of a fight at an IHOP in Victoria, Texas shows a mom and her daughters and friends battling another set of customers at 3 in the morning. The person captioned the video, “Since everyone’s been asking here’s the whole IHOP fiasco from last night…man I just wanted my breakfast… ended up with breakfast and a show.”

Some commenters on the video posted that the three women in the video had been getting derogatory comments from nearby patrons about what they were wearing. One in the booth is seen standing up and talking to a group behind them, repeating, “Bye!” and trying to ignore their comments. Eventually, all three are standing and one is even restrained by the others.

At one point, the person recording screams, “Can I get some silverware?”

Seconds later, a child’s booster seat flies over the wall and hits a woman in the booth in the head. Everyone jumps out of their seat and the hitting, hair-pulling and wrasslin’ commenced.

Watch below:

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