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Alicia Keys Talks New YouTube Series, What’s On Her Bucket List
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*Alicia Keys teamed with YouTube Originals for a four-part docuseries that will give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the singer’s struggles with superstardom. 

All four episodes of “Noted: Alicia Keys The Untold Stories” will premiere for free globally Sept. 30 on Keys’ YouTube Channel. The docuseries is produced by Westbrook Media and directed by TT The Artist.

“When the project came to me I knew very early on that what we wanted to give was just an experience,” said  TT The Artist, adding “and I feel like when you’re working with musicians, and one of the lanes that I’ve really been driving in is this new approach to hybrid musical documentary formats, and so for me, it started with the music always, and if you really get to know Alicia and you’re in her world, which you get to see through the series, you hear that her stories are also told through her music, and so the music also becomes a part of that narration and a part of the fabric in this visual quilt that we seamlessly put together with all these different emotions and approaches,” she explained.

“I wanted to create an audiovisual experience that would definitely let the viewers connect with Alicia on a more personal level, like we’re in the studio with her, seeing her process, things that we don’t always get access to when we get to see some of our favorite artists and musicians,” she continued. “So definitely a lot of breaking of the fourth wall in this doc series, and also some really amazing new gems that you’re going to get to experience not just visually but also through audio and emotion. So that was really my approach to this doc series.”

TT The Artist noted that she and the global superstar “want to really excite people about the new music and also where Alicia is at currently in her life and her career”

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We caught up with the Grammy-winner at Thursday’s Television Critics Association’s (TCA) 2021 Summer Press Tour session and noted that the wife and mother has traveled the world over with touring and serving up amazing live shows, she has bagged numerous awards, and collaborated with some of music’s most beloved icons… so what’s next? What’s on Alicia Keys’ bucket list?

“I was actually just talking about that. What was this thing I just — Somebody said it yesterday, and I was like that’s on my bucket list, and right now you asked me and I damn forgot what I said yesterday. Hate that,” she began. 

“There’s so much on my bucket list. My life is just beginning, in so many ways, especially in the mentality that I currently occupy, and so there is just so much to experience,” Keys explained to EURweb’s Ny MaGee.

“I definitely feel really connected to being very present with my family, with my loved ones. I mean, and just I think this past year-plus has just shown us so clearly how short life is. It’s so short, it’s so unexpected, and we have to be present. We can’t be spending all our time rushing and running, and chasing God knows what. We have to like be also where we are. So I feel really amazing about that. There are so many things coming. There’s films, and television, and theater pieces that I’m developing that I’m so excited about continuing to grow as an artist, and also as a producer, and a creator, and a writer, and an arranger on so many levels, so that feels really good,” she continued.

“I currently have a new song that just dropped called “LALA,” and I have a project right on the horizon. And this project, what I’m finding is that the projects that I’m doing, the way that I’m able to think about them are becoming more evolved than I was ever able to think about them before. So it gets even more exciting for me because I get to go layers deeper because I know more, I know myself better, I know the business better, and I know just how I really want to bring forth so much,” she said.

“I definitely love working with new artists in so many ways. I love connecting with new artists. There’s a lot that my husband and I are doing in the art world that we’re super-passionate about, and there’s a lot that we want to definitely do socially, economically — economic equality is high on our list,” Keys added. “Even creating schools and ways for education to be evolved is very, very high on our list. Funds that really focus and sustain Black and Brown communities is very high on the list. There’s so many things that come with being able to just dream and create the dreams that you’ve always wanted. So this is like the beginning. I haven’t done anything yet. What I’m about to do is bigger and crazier than ever.”

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