Thursday, September 29, 2022

Rev. Al Sharpton Went to Del Rio to Speak on the Haitian Crisis and Got Shouted Down | WATCH


Al Sharpton in Del Rio (screenshot)
Al Sharpton in Del Rio (screenshot)

*Towards the end of the week Rev. Al Sharpton went to Del Rio, TX to speak out on the harsh treatment that was happening to Haitian asylum seekers who illegally crossed into Texas from Mexico near the Del Rio International Bridge.

Whatever Sharpton had planned to say, for the most part we’ll never know because he got unceremoniously shouted down by at least two people assembled with news media reporters. It’s not clear at this time if the two verbal combatants were “journalists” for some right wing blog or were … hell, who knows.

Anyway, it was obvious from the jump that Sharpton was in for a fight. Fortunately, not literally. The video below is quite vivid.

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(The video footage was taken on a camera phone by Joel Langton who is the publisher of the Del Rio online and print news publication called

Here’s more via SanAngeloLive:

As soon as Sharpton disembarked from his Suburban vehicle he was met with hostile questions. “Mr. Sharpton, why have you not been an advocate for the kids who are being trafficked at the border right now. All the kids that are being brought over have been drugged or sedated coming into the country,” one man describing himself as a first generation latino and a news source called “Border Report News.” Sharpton was asked why he was a racist, as well.

“Nobody wants you in Texas! Get out with your racism! This is a loving community. Get out of Texas!” screamed some in the media crowd. “Our border patrol agents are heroes,” came the shouts. Today, the White House announced that the CBP horse patrols must dismount.

As Sharpton attempted to make his case for why he was there to “inspect” the border on the west side of the Del Rio International Bridge, another reporter from Real American Voices also heckled Sharpton, drowning out Sharpton’s remarks.

Langton said he did not hear anything Sharpton had to say. He added that he hasn’t seen anything about what Sharpton said at the border online since. Sharpton stopped to speak with reporters after he and his entourage were given a brief tour of the encampment underneath the international bridge.

Near the end of the video, the Border Report News correspondent almost gets into a physical altercation with one of Sharpton’s body guards. Langton said after Sharpton departed the border, he hopped on a private jet and left Del Rio. Watch the video above.




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