Thursday, December 2, 2021

The Rolling Stones May Have Found Their New Drummer – His Name is Steve Jordan

Steve Jordan2 (getty)
Steve Jordan / Getty

*The Rolling Stones may have already found a replacement for drummer Charlies Watts, who died recently in the UK.  The brother’s name is Steve Jordan. The 64-year-old had been filling in for Watts at the request of the former drummer and was meant to be temporary. 

Initially Jordan was supposed fill for the band’s 13-stop “Fno Filter” tour. It would’ve been the first time Watts was not with the band on tour since 1963.

Currently, there’s no word yet on if Jordan will be officially sworn in as a member of the Stones, but it’s not like he ain’t qualified. Jordan is not only a drummer but also a singer, songwriter and producer who has a top-flight resume, having worked with Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, B.B. King and Billy Joel.  

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Charlie Watts & The Rolling Stones - GettyImages-614772938
Drummer Charlie Watts on stage with Ronnie Wood, Sir Mick Jagger and Keith Richards (Getty)

 Jordan is very familiar with the Stones, having first started rocking out with them back in 1986 during a recording session for “Dirty Work” on loan from the “Late Night with David Letterman” house band. 

This is reportedly the first time that Jordan played with the Stones and alludes that there have been many other instances afterwards. However, according to sources, Jordan is a laid back kinda dude who shuns the spotlight. 

Thus, only the most diehard Rolling Stones fans have ever heard of him. And, no disrespect, we’re not one of them. So, no, we’ve never heard of the guy.

But that don’t mean he don’t rock though. It is indeed quite the contrary. 

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