Friday, September 17, 2021

‘Jungle Cruise’ is ‘A Healthy Beautiful Window Of Escape’ – Édgar Ramírez | Watch

*The most famous person that follows him is Will Smith but this Friday fans can follow him on a rollicking thrill-ride around the Amazon in Disney’s “Jungle Cruise!

Edgar Ramirez is Captain Aguirre, a fearsome leader of a cutthroat crew of soldiers. These cursed men are powerful fighters who carry a personal vendetta against Frank Wolff (Dwayne Johnson) and Dr. Lily Houghton (Emily Blunt).

“We needed this! We need a healthy beautiful window of escape,” expressed the Venezuelan native. “Reality has been so challenging for everyone…and it’s challenging. It’s a beautiful movie full of twists and turns! It’s silly, it’s epic, it’s everything!”

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Édgar Ramírez
Édgar Ramírez as Captain Aguirre in ‘Jungle Cruise’ (Disney)

Click here to watch Edgar’s interview!

EUR correspondent Fahnia Thomas sat down with the 44 year-old and talked about humanity, social media and leaves.

FT: Where would you like to see the next cruise destination be?

ER: There are spectacular and beautiful rivers around the word that we need to take care of and protect.

FT: …You guys could go on a save the rivers crusade around the world!

ER: Absolutely! You can see some subtle messages like that in the movie. I hope after watching this people will be more sensitive to the environment.

Édgar Ramírez, Jungle Cruise
Édgar Ramírez as Captain Aguirre in ‘Jungle Cruise’ (Disney)

FT: If you had one petal from the tears of the moon, what would you use it to cure?

ER: That question hits home really hard because I just lost my grandmother to Covid and I have an aunt in the hospital right now dying from Covid. Plus, my uncle is rushing to the hospital. Thank God one of my other aunts was able to check out of the hospital for and survived Covid. So, I would find the cure for this pandemic and all pandemics.

Jungle Cruise, Édgar Ramírez
Édgar Ramírez as Captain Aguirre in ‘Jungle Cruise’ (Disney)

Disney’s “Jungle Cruise” premieres simultaneously Friday, July 30th in theaters and on Disney+ with Premier Access.

For tickets go to Watch the official “Jungle Cruise” trailer here.

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