Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Suspect in Viral Walgreens Shoplifting Video Arrested after Hitting Another San Francisco Store (Video)

Jean Lugo-Romero
Man steals from San Francisco Walgreens as a security guard watches and films

*The man seen in a viral video brazenly shoplifting items at a San Francisco Walgreens while being filmed by security was arrested Saturday after he tried to do the same thing at a pharmacy in the area.

Cops arrested Jean Lugo-Romero, 40, at drug store, according to a statement by police on Twitter. Police said that officers with the San Francisco Police Department’s Northern Station Street Crimes Unit saw Lugo-Romero enter the store and followed him inside, where they caught him “clearing shelves of cosmetics and placing the merchandise into a duffel bag.” The merchandise totaled nearly $978.

Lugo-Romero was arrested without incident and booked at the San Francisco County Jail on charges of attempted grand theft, entering a business with the intent to commit theft, loss under $950, possession of narcotics paraphernalia, and a warrant for failure to appear on a prior theft case, CNN reported.

The SFPD had been searching for Lugo-Romero, a “prolific retail theft suspect,” who committed similar thefts in the Northern and Mission Districts of the city. Last week, he went viral fame after video captured him allegedly stealing dozens of items from a Walgreens and making out of the store on a bike with a garbage bag filled with stolen goods. In that incident, Lugo-Romero was charged with second-degree burglary, grand theft, two counts of entering a business with intent to commit theft, loss under $950, and two counts of petty theft, according to police. Additionally, he was also charged with three counts of robbery and one count of burglary for stealing from the same Walgreens shown in the video.

Additionally, Lugo-Romero faces more charges for entering a business with intent to commit theft, loss under $950, and petty theft for another separate incident that took place last Thursday.

Currently, Lugo-Romero is being held on $2,500 bond on 16 total charges and remains in police custody. No court date has been set yet.




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