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Age is Only A Number … Just Ask and Check-out 68-Year-Old Grandma Ellen / PhotosLook!

Ellen Ector - Instagram
Ellen Ector – Instagram

*She is a mother of five and a grandmother of four, but people can’t believe it when they see Ellen Ector these days, especially if she’s in a bikini at age 68! Those who have known Ector for more than 12 years remember her as an overweight social worker. Ector agrees.

“I had five children, and I was overweight,” she admits. “I took a pic of myself and I looked horrible. I had all gut and butt. “But after five children, what do you expect.”

Ector did what others didn’t expect; she changed her eating habits, started to exercise, and watched the weight begin to come off. She said she started feeling more energetic, as well. Ector ultimately left her job as a social worker and pursued serious fitness training in 2009, reports Black

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Ellen Ector - shades (Instagram)
Ellen Ector / Instagram

After her eye-popping transformation, Ector wanted to pass her exercise and eating regimen to other women, especially African Americans. What followed was a new career for Ector and Lana, her daughter and business partner. The two now have a series of DVDs for women called “Black Girls Workout Too!” “The DVDs,” said Ector, “is for all women who want to lose weight.

According to Ector, “all of the exercises can be done with little to no equipment.” Ector and her daughter believe, “Your body is a machine.”  In addition to the great demand for her DVDs, Ector co-owns Gymnetics Fitness and GymJUICE in Atlanta. Ector is ecstatic about how she is helping other Black women lose weight.

“We’ve had kids come up to us telling us that we’ve helped their mom lose weight,” Ector said. “We love that. It’s amazing to hear!”

ellene2 (Instagam)
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