Friday, August 19, 2022

VIDEO: Kwame Brown Calls Matt Barnes ‘Becky With the Good Hair’, Trashes Stephen Jackson, Gilbert Arenas in Retaliatory Rant

Kwame Brown
Kwame Brown goes off on Gilbert Arenas, Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes on his YouTube channel, “Kwame Brown Bust LIfe”

*A fired up, hookah-toking Kwame Brown came for fellow NBA vets Gilbert Arenas, Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes for talking bad about him on a podcast.

Brown went after the trio one by one in response to Arenas’ recent appearance on Barnes and Jackson’s podcast, All the Smoke, where Arenas – who played with Brown on the Washington Wizards – said Michael Jordan (Wizards vice president of basketball operations and minority owner at the time) broke Brown’s confidence and turned him into a bust.

Brown started off by recalling anecdotes about Arenas running afoul of “real DC n**gas” in local clubs, then went on to question his blackness.

Brown explained that he was drafted by Jordan only so he could be traded for the then-hot Elton Brand and make a push toward the playoffs. Brown argued that Jordan never allowed him to develop or play a substantial amount of minutes. He said that hearing Jordan only wanted him as leverage for a trade stung the same way that a Beyonce dis would sting the BeyHive. He also said Gilbert “cost him millions” by going to the team’s higher-ups and saying Brown should be benched because he’s “in my way.”

Brown also spoke about being traded from D.C. to Los Angeles, joining a team that, like Arenas, also had a shoot-happy member, referring to Kobe Bryant. (In a separate live video, Brown shared credit for Bryant’s historic 81-point game, claiming it wouldn’t have happened had he not set a ton of screens for Kobe’s baskets. That clip is posted below as well.)

Brown went after Barnes, calling him “Becky with the good hair” and mocking him as “emotional” over Derek Fisher stealing his wife. He accused Stephen Jackson, whose friendship with George Floyd thrust him into the media spotlight, of being a “gangster” whose sudden “Black Lives Matter” persona is disingenuous.

Below, watch a highlight of the rant, followed by the entire hour and 15 minute evisceration, the “All the Smoke” podcast episode that sparked the fire, a separate video where Brown addresses his “small hands” criticism, and yet another video where Brown shares credit for Kobe’s 81-point game:




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