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Joe Budden Fires Podcast Co-hosts in On-air Rant: ‘Take That F–king Dark Energy Somewhere Else’

*Joe Budden is catching heat after audio leaked online Wednesday of him firing his podcast co-hosts Rory Farrell and Jamil “Mal” Clay.

“From this point forward, you are fired and you’re not welcome back,” Budden said during a since-deleted episode that reportedly aired this week. “Y’all take that f–king dark energy, that arrogance and that entitlement somewhere else.”

As reported by the New York Post, after fans reacted to leaks of the audio that appeared on social media, Budden responded by seemingly announcing the end of the award-winning broadcast after six years.  

“Helluva run!! God bless,” he said, telling fans to “Take care.” 

Listen to Budden pop off about his former co-hosts via the Twitter clips below.

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Here’s more from the New York Post:

Bad blood between the New Jersey native and his erstwhile cohorts began brewing in March when Farrell, 29, and Clay, 38, were noticeably absent from several of the streaming show’s weekly editions — a rarity in the podcast’s history. 

Without an explanation for their seemingly indefinite sabbatical, fans of the “JBP” took to Twitter speculating that money and ownership rights to the show were at the root of their contention.  

Budden seemed to confirm as much in the newly surfaced audio. 

“You n—-s ain’t brought s–t [to the podcast],” he yelled after challenging Farrell and Clay to secure their own streaming service deals, advertisers and integration.

“You n—-s can audit, you n—-s can sue … You’re gonna lose,” said Budden, adding that he’s “overpaid” and “overprotected” Farrell for years. 

When fans questioned whether he was ending the show on Wednesday, Budden alleged he was trying to secure a $100 million deal with Spotify. The Breakfast Club reacted to Budden’s rant, check out what they had to say via the clip above, and hear from Budden’s own mouth via the clips below. 

Fans of the podcast fired back by blasting Budden for how he handled Mal and Rory.

“Joe Budden. The architecture of his own downfall. Every single time,” one social-media user tweeted.

“Joe Budden was on countless podcast episodes talking about ownership and being knowledgeable of your deals, bucking the system etc.,” another Twitter user wrote. “Then got mad at Mal and Rory for trying to do these things. Lmao.”


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