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Twitter User Catches Heat After Accusing Phylicia Rashad’s Clair Huxtable Character of Enabling Bill Cosby

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*A Twitter user is catching hell after accusing Phylicia Rashad’s “Cosby Show” character, Clair Huxtable of being “an enabler” of disgraced television star Bill Cosby.

“Claire Huxtable was an enabler of the longest and most prolific drug rape predator In US history, Bill Cosby,” Twitter user Talmadge wrote. “Everyone on set knew he was a sadistic predator. Everyone. 75 women drugged and raped by Cosby and he got away with it because of enablers.”

Black Twitter was quick to cancel Talmadge while defending Rashad, noting she nor Claire Huxtable are responsible for the accusations against Cosby.

“Neither Claire Huxtable or Phylicia Rashad are responsible for Bill Cosby’s actions,” one user wrote. “She was his co worker and employee not his supervisor or co conspirator in his crimes.”

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As reported by, Rashad previously came to Cosby’s in a 2015 interview with ABC News. The actress described the sexual assault accusations against him as an “obliteration of legacy.” 

Cosby is currently incarcerated at SCI Phoenix, where he has been since being convicted in 2018 on three counts of aggravated indecent assault. In a previous interview with, Cosby, 83, revealed he is tested for COVID daily.

“As of now I have declined to take any showers and I have decided to take wash-ups in my cell. This is the best way for me to stay safe and healthy,’ the actor stated.

Andrew Wyatt, Cosby’s spokesman, said: “Many of the inmates are more concerned for Mr. Cosby due to his age, health issues and blindness.”

We previously reported… Cosby scored a legal victory in his sex assault case, when, back in June, the Supreme Court accepted the entertainer’s appeal to overturn his 2018 sex assault conviction. His legal team attended a hearing at Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court on December 1 in a bid to overturn his conviction.

Meanwhile, in a since-deleted tweet, Talmadge defended her initial statement about Rashad. “I’m sorry people don’t like me today but my allegiance will always be with the survivors and I will always side eye all the enablers,” she wrote. 

After catching heat for her opinion about Bill and Phylicia’s professional relationship, Talmadge apologized in a follow-up post. 

“I apologize for all the pain and hurt I caused people yesterday,” she wrote. “Many friends(former) were hurt by my tweets. I am taking the time to consider my actions. I apologize.”

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