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Assata Jones Dead at 27: Recount of Final 2 Years

Assata Jones
An EURweb Urban Tale: During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, aspiring entertainer Assata Jones’ mental health fades rapidly. She succumbs to drug dependence and her tragic death (train vs. pedestrian) quickly follows. Assata Jones, herself created the artwork for the maddened photo (right/end).

…Continued from: Dead Girl Chronicles Mental Demise on Social Media

Assata Jones’ last year alive – during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic

*Accounts from Sondra Jones (Assata’s mom) and musician friend (Franklin Matthews).

    • Someone broke into Assata’s Texas apartment and stole everything.
    • She lost her job (after reporting sexual harassment), and subsequently, she lost her apartment.
    • An aunt sent Assata to a hospital for mental evaluation; Assata was diagnosed with depression, according to her mom, Sondra Jones.
    • Assata started sleeping in her car.  Sondra went to Texas to get her daughter and brought her back to Riverside Ca., where Assata lived for one year.
    • Assata stayed in Riverside county with her mom for a while, but wanting to be closer to opportunities, she fled to Los Angeles. In L.A. Assata stayed in shelters, slept in her car, and tried to avoid homelessness.
    • Though Assata found the cost of living difficult to overcome she had hope and looked forward to connecting with local musicians and polishing her music and videos. She recorded a song entitled “Masterpiece,” and had it polished by a local friend, Franklin Matthews.
    • A subplot unfolds; a fight with several girls including an older pregnant woman landed Assata in jail.
    • In lockdown, she was prescribed narcotics to help with depression…
    • Assata gains considerable weight while jailed triggering severe insecurity. She isolates herself.
    • Assata Jones is assigned probation, and ordered to participate in Shied for Families
    • She is assigned housing, but when a girl threatens to kill her, Assata is relocated (for her safety) to the Russ Hotel in skid-row Los Angeles.
    • She found herself just short of making ends meet and then ultimately relying on meals from the Shield for Families and bought crystal meth from dealers in her skidrow building, the Russ Hotel.
    • March 2020’s start of the COVID-19 pandemic further diminished opportunities for her and aided her self-isolation.

It was downhill from there

“She called me after she got out of jail,” Franklin Matthews said.  He added she was insecure about the weight she put on in jail; she believed it was due to the prescription drugs from jail. Ashamed, she didn’t want to see him until she lost the weight.”

asada weight gain cropped2On Instagram Jones posts several before and after jail photos to show her weight flux.

She was absent for quite a while Matthews said. He didn’t know that she was slipping away mentally.

“Meth should be legal, I need to find out who to talk to to make it legal. it helps when you can’t afford to buy food. $5 can last a week when food can be $25 daily,” Assata Jones said in one of her Instagram self-documentaries, prior to her death.

As she said in her self-documentary, Crystal Meth was good for losing weight which she did, but became dependent and quickly deteriorated into madness.

“If I knew what was happening I would have done anything to help her,” Matthews said. “She never got to make her come back.”


“She never even got a ticket, they shouldn’t have made her stay in jail,” Sondra Jones said.

“She didn’t start the fight,” Matthews said.

Matthews is speaking of the fight that landed Jones in jail and on subsequent probation. It is that series of events that found her in the Russ Hotel on skid row. Before the end of her life Jones was reported to wander the halls of the hotel naked sometimes looking for meth, Sondra Jones told EURweb.

She was sentenced after she told the pregnant girl that she got into a fight with: “I wish [the baby] died,” Jones’ mom Sondra said. “She’s didn’t mean it,” Sondra said. She was just upset.

Assata Jones never made it through the 2020 Pandemic. Was COVID-19 a factor in her mental breakdown and death?

Perhaps it wasn’t directly COVID-19 that took her. But isolation in a skid-row dingy hotel as well as no work, and difficulty buying food. Meanwhile, addiction, easy drug availability, and paranoia were contributing factors. The environment was ripe.

“If she had in place earplugs, it’s probable she never knew what hit her,” music friend Franklin Matthews said.

Jones told Matthews she wanted to start working on music again with him when she lost the weight she picked up in Jail.

She had close friends in L.A. that she grew up with, but she didn’t connect with them, Sondra Jones said.

“She felt embarrassed.”  Life was different from what she shared on social media when things were good, so she hid from friends — old and new.

This writer told Sondra Jones about her daughter’s Instagram and Facebook chronicles recently. There she could see in detail how regressed her daughter had become.

      • Saturday, September 12, 2020, at 10:20 medical examiner, Trujillo pronounces Assata Jones dead. There was multiple blunt force trauma to her head and face. She was seen as unidentifiable. Corners used fingerprints to determine who she was.
      • Sunday at 1:30 a.m. the coroner’s office calls Assata Jones’ mom, Sondra Jones. (click here to listen to an account of the corners call)

In a tragic train vs pedestrian accident, L.A.-based, Joey Corpuz operating the Metrolink Blueline train saw Jones 100-150 ft away, honked, and applied brakes but couldn’t stop and strikes Assata Jones at approximately 9:20 p.m.

This story is continued from: Dead Girl Chronicles Mental Demise on Social Media.
By Billie Jordan- Sunshine – [email protected]



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