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LA Faith Leaders to Lead the Charge in Anticipation of the Verdict in the George Floyd Murder Case

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Ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin shown killing George Floyd (screenshot)

*LOS ANGELES, CA – When trouble erupts, communities often look to their local churches for help. However, in most cases it’s only after tragedy has struck. In anticipation of the unknown forthcoming verdict in the George Floyd murder trial a large group of prominent and influential faith leaders (Christian, Nation of Islam, Jewish, Catholic, etc.) have joined forces to proactively inform and instruct the community in an effort to discourage harsh and harmful reaction to the possible outcome. The group is expected to make a strong statement of unity and commitment in the fight for justice and equality through rallies and legislative measures.

The organized effort is led by Pastor Shep Crawford of The Experience Christian Ministries, Pastor Michael JT Fisher of the Greater Zion Church of Compton, Pastor Najuma Smith, Co-founder of Word of Encouragement Community Church and Pastor Charles Johnson of Cochran Avenue Baptist Church and founder and organizer of Miracle Mile For Justice.

“Guilty or innocent our community is hurting. We are mourning and it is our assignment to walk through this together clergy and culture” says Pastor Michael Fisher.

“We the community must strengthen our reaction, in order to weaken their actions against us” says Pastor Shep Crawford.

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The core group has successfully enlisted the support of more than 100 clergies in the Los Angeles area that will attend the event and declare unity amongst clergy and the people.  They will also assure the people of their complete support in the fight for equality and racial justice.

In an earlier interview, Pastor NaJuma explains “In 1992 we were in a similar place as our nation watched the outcome of the trial on Police Enforcement and the life of Black man Rodney King. What we learned is that Justice is not something we can afford to sacrifice again”. The group has laid out an action plan that will demand systemic changes focused on improving the social justice system for the future of LA and beyond.

“God has called on all to show love for our neighbor- love is defined as expressed compassion for the “General Well Being” of others,” says Pastor Charles Johnson




WHAT:           Press Conference


WHO:             Pastor Shep Crawford, Pastor Michael J.T. Fisher, Pastor Najuma 

Smith Pollard, and Pastor Charles Johnson. Over 100 clergy, community leaders, business owners and supporters.  


WHERE:         Los Angeles City Hall (Steps of)

                        200 N. Grand Avenue

                        Los Angeles, CA


WHEN:           Monday, April 19, 2021


TIME:             10:00A.M. – Conference will begin

   Media check-in: 9:30 a.m. 


About the Core Team


Pastor Shep Crawford

Sr. Pastor Shep Crawford has been busy in the Los Angeles community for more than 7 years working with OG Bloods and Crips and members of the LAPD to promote peace in troubled communities, provide food & essentials to the underserved, heading up community clean-ups, feeding the homeless. Pastor Shep is often called to pray at prayer visuals and to provide counseling and support to families in crisis due to the gang violence. Pastor Shep has been featured on both local and national news platforms for his work .


Pastor Michael J.T Fisher

Sr. Pastor of the Greater Zion Church Family in Compton is known for his work in the community, fighting to advance educational opportunities to underserved communities through providing afterschool programming and mentorship, heading peace marches throughout gang infested areas, spearheading school and community clean-up efforts and more.  Pastor Fisher is often called to counsel troubled youth and families in crisis. He has been featured on both local and national news. 


Pastor Najuma Smith Pollard  

She’s a powerhouse woman of faith and the Founding Pastor of Word of Encouragement Church in Los Angeles.   Pastor Najuma is also the Program Director of the Cecil Murray Center @ USC. She’s a faith leader, community activist, published author, radio show host and personal development coach. Pastor Najuma is no stranger to hardship after suffering the loss of her son to senseless gun violence 201. Pastor Najuma is a strong activist for peace and is often called on to minister to and console families in crisis. See Pastor Najuma featured on ABC7 News.


Pastor Charles Johnson

Founder and organizer of Miracle Mile For Justice ( The mission of the organization is to honor all who have lost their lives due to systemic racism toward Black and Brown people in the United states. MM4J is committed to fighting for the divine right for them to live in peace and in their communities without the fear of death by the hands of policing authorities. The organization declares “It is time for protests and politics to intersect. We would like to see police chiefs, district attorneys, judges, city council members, mayors, governors and state legislature to take their seat at the table and prepare an executable action plan to combat racism and implement humane and equitable practices for all people. It’s time to hold meaningful conversations that will result in permanent systemic change for racial equity.

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