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Shara Prophet: The Heavy Weight of a Broken Heart / WATCH

Shara Prophet
Shara Prophet

*Did you know a broken heart can create a flabby belly? Most people do not make this connection. While diet and exercise play a big role, repairing the emotional energy of the heart is essential to maintaining a healthy weight.

Weight management is one of the top concerns of the American public. According to the research in 2020, 72% of men and 63% of women are overweight or obese in the U.S. Eighty percent of them associate diet and exercise to weight issues and attempt to integrate discipline around a new eating and fitness plan. However, this proves difficult to maintain.

Too many times the emotional component in weight gain is dismissed or overlooked all together. Identifying the emotional association to weight issues is paramount in successfully maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In hypnotherapy, about 80% of clients with weight management problems tend to have unresolved emotional issues from painful circumstances, attached to their relationship with food and their bodies.

Weight management is one of the longest working issues to deal with in hypnotherapy because it is so deeply attached to subconscious programs from childhood in most instances.

A broken heart comes from some sort of betrayal or loss. When that loss is not properly grieved, it leaves behind energy build ups in the body that get stored as extra fat to add a protective padding against more potential pain.

This is not a conscious awareness as most people tend to compartmentalize the emotions from the physical body, but the subconscious mind is an emotional mind. It remembers everything and creates our reality in the physical world. Hence the unconscious creation of extra pounds.

Our subconscious recalls different emotions when triggered by certain situations and people that remind us of a past trauma. Its job is to protect us from the seeming “dangerous” situation in the quickest, safest, most pleasurable way possible. Even if the pleasure ultimately brings us pain.

When we experience heart break, our defenses go up and we immediately try to hurry the process of getting over the pain or become addicted to it. Either way we create the need to protect and soothe ourselves and food tends to be the substance of choice as it is satisfying, easy, and legal to obtain.

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Shara Prophet, C.Ht. is a speaker, expert lecturer, Certified Hypnotherapist, Mystic and author of The B.E.M.A.G.I.C. Manifestation Workbook. She specializes in personal development and behavior modification, is the founder of Open Door Hypnosis and The Mind Magic Institute. Shara created The Mind Magic Minute column to teach people “cheat codes” to living a more healthy, peaceful, and prosperous life. She was recently featured on OWN in the Dark Girl’s 2 Documentary.



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