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Book Review: Terri Redwine’s ‘America! Stuck in Niggertory’


*I recently received a wonderful book from author Terri Redwine titled “America! Stuck in Niggertory” (2020 Treasure Imaging and Publishing).

This book – “dedicated to the unearthing of the secrets we have hidden from ourselves” – begins with Redwine’s recollection of a TV interview she saw with the late Reverend Billy Graham answering the question “Do you have any regrets?” His response was that he wished he’d “done more during the civil rights movement in America;” that if he could do it all over again, he would have stood with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Redwine challenges readers to take inventory and reexamine ourselves to see what we can do right now for our country for what may become the most pivotal moment in American history.

Starting on page 11, her twenty-two emergency bullet points ranging from hate groups attacking our democracy, to the Coronavirus pandemic and other epidemic social ills, Redwine hones in on the indignities that Blacks in America have suffered, and continue to suffer. Leading up to the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minnesota police, Blacks have had little hope and trust in getting justice for the senseless murders of Black and Brown men, women and children. The televised trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin began Monday (March 29, 2021) at a time when racism seems to be at an apex in all aspects of all people of color including Asians and Latinos.

The provocative title word, “Niggertory” seems to connote an inference and even a negative presumption to a geographical location, or a state of mind – words that end fittingly, with “tory” (e.g. “territory,” “derogatory” etc.…). On this train of thought, let’s break it down. The word “territory” believed to be from the Latin word “territorium,” is defined as “land around a town, domain, district,” from terra “earth, land.”

Niggertory Terri Redwine

“Territory” could also describe the two justice systems in America: An administrative subdivision of a country; a part of the United States not included within any state but organized with a separate legislature (think of Blacks, Latinos, Native Americans and Asians).

The term “derogatory” means the information is negative and will likely hurt your ability to qualify for credit or other services.

A Tory is a person who holds a political philosophy known as Toryism, based on a British version of traditionalism and conservatism, which upholds the supremacy of social order as it has evolved in the English culture throughout history. Toryism remains prominent in Canada and the United Kingdom. Shall we add America to that list!?

Like a virus – seemingly dormant, but ever-present – White supremacy reared its ugly head when the first Black president of the United States, Barack Obama, was elected. Former president Donald Trump seized the opportunity to exacerbate the malady by not being reconciliatory, but divisive.

Author Terri Redwine has captured in her dynamic pocket-sized book (76 pages) a reference guide of symptoms and cures sprinkled with supporting scripture for healing our land. It would be a great read for you and a great gift to family and friends, to carry around as a reminder that we’re all in this place called America, this thing called life, together.

A quote from the back cover reads: “We are [like] the city of Troy and hatred is our Trojan Horse. We are living in a place where HATRED eats its host, while destroying the things most valuable.”

Terri Lynn (Terry Redwine) photo
Terry Redwine

Terri Redwine – a native Detroiter – is an educator, philosopher and minister. Please visit her website and order books at

Larry Buford
Larry Buford is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer, and author of Book/CD titled "Things Are Gettin' Outta Hand" (Steuben Pub.) He writes Human Interest articles and entertainment reviews for various newspapers across the country. He is also an editor, and provides services for press releases, interviews, business letters, resumes, etc. A native Detroiter, he is a former Motown songwriter.



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