Thursday, December 9, 2021

Kirk Franklin Posts Apology After Son Shares Audio of His Profane Rant / WATCH

Kirk Franklin - Instagram
Kirk Franklin – Instagram

*We’re sure you’re aware of the situation that Kirk Franklin is in with his son Kerrion who posted audio of an encounter the two had where the elder Franklin is heard using words that he is certainly not proud of.

In the audio, Kirk can be heard cussing and threatening his son in several ways.

 “I’ll put my foot in your ass,” Kirk says at one point.

Rashad interjects, “I dare you,” as the argument continued.

“I will break your neck ni*gga, don’t you ever disrespect me,” Franklin seems to shout toward the end of the clip.

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In the wake of what’s already gone down, Franklin has issued an apology for losing his temper and saying what he said.


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Perhaps Franklin will be heartened to know that he has a LOT of support from other parents just like him who totally relate to what he’s dealing with. Here’s what some of his supporters are saying:

Kirk didn’t say anything that many of our parents haven’t said when we have hit that last nerve… Christian or not…there are times that they get angry & frustrated too. They are not perfect. He is a 33 year old grown man so Kirk probably talked to him as one who disrespected him. Remember Kirk is the same one who said he has no problem shooting someone if they broke in his home.
I have the utmost respect for Kirk for handling his GROWN son like a man after being disrespected by him. Kirk is human and flawed just like everyone else. Kerrion should release the whole tape and not just the parts to make Kirk look bad. No one reaches that level of anger without being provoked. Kerrion needs to grow up!!
Your children can push u to that level at time. Kirk is human. And his son may have needed a reality check.. Try Jesus not me..
His son should’ve kept that recording between him and his father to himself and not for the public to hear. He just opened up another can of disrespect.
….Kirk said what he said. I heard this in households all over the south from the saved and unsaved… my household as a child… I never talked back to my dad. … I would not be writing this now.



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