Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Looks Like TMZ Got it WRONG: JLo & A-Rod Still Together + No 3rd Party Involved

Alex Rodriguez - Jennifer Lopez (Getty)
Alex Rodriguez – Jennifer Lopez (Getty)

Wait. What? After reporting that Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez had gone separate ways, we’re now hearing that that info was exaggerated and that they are “still fighting to stay together,” according to TMZ which first reported their breakup.

“All the reports are inaccurate. We are working through some things” is what both JLo and A-Rod told TMZ, On top of that, the couple wants you to know that what they’re working through has nothing to do with a third party.

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Alex Rodriguez & Jennifer Lopez kissing (Getty)
Alex Rodriguez & Jennifer Lopez (Getty)

Here’s what TMZ is reporting:

Sources connected to the couple made it clear to TMZ and other outlets Friday … the couple had called off their engagement and broken up. We asked our sources with direct knowledge why we were all told they broke up, and we were told things were “bad” on Friday.

As of now, A-Rod’s still in Miami and JLo’s in the Dominican Republic shooting a movie, and it’s unclear when they’ll be back together. FYI, it’s a hop, skip and a jump from Miami to the D.R.

There’s a lot at stake in their relationship. Aside from them, they both have kids that have effectively blended as a big family, so that’s got to come into play as they navigate their relationship.

They’ve been together for 4 years, and for most of the time they seemed tight. To be continued …




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