Friday, May 7, 2021

Austin Chenge, GOP Candidate for Governor, Wants to Cancel Black History Month

Austin Chenge2
Austin Chenge and his family, Twitter

*Republican Austin Chenge, a Black Army veteran and businessman out of Michigan, has made clear that he will cancel Black History Month if elected governor.

“I love my country, I’m a veteran and I love my state,” Chenge, 35, a Nigerian immigrant, said to FOX 17 Wednesday.

“People are fed up–the way the politicians handle everything in the state. It’s time for a breath of fresh air.” Chenge said, who has his eyes set on challenging current Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in next year’s election. Chenge is not pleased with how she has handled the pandemic.

I don’t have anything against the governor personally, but her actions and the things she has done speak for themselves. She doesn’t work with our legislature, and that is a classic characteristic of a dictator. So, if she’s already acting like one, that’s exactly what she is,” Chenge said. He also believes that the rioters who stormed the U.S Capitol were simply “overcome with passion.”

“Do I endorse it? No, absolutely not. But what I’m saying is, try to understand why it happened and what led them to that point. These are people who didn’t go there planning to do this; they just simply went there to protest the way their country was headed. They have a right to do that. Now somehow they got overwhelmed by passion,” Chenge explained.

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While angry White Americans are entitled to descend upon the Capitol to protest, don’t you dare make their children sit through a month learning about Black history in school. One of the first moves Chenge intends to make as Governor if successfully elected is to do away with Black History Month.

“The way to move forward to stop this division and this polarization that’s going on in our community is to forge a single American identity that we can all identify with first. No one is saying you should get rid of your background, and no one is saying that in the middle of that there’s not going to be any black history being taught,” Chenge said.

“How about the rest of the people that make up this great, beautiful state of Michigan also having their history being taught in an American history month, which can encompass all of this. That’s my point of view, and I stand by that statement,” he added.

“We’re all Americans. That’s the first thing that unites us; nothing else unites us more than the American identity, and that’s what we need to hold on to,” Chenge said.

“Holding on to our various groups, it’s tribalism, and that’s going to tear this country apart. This country is made up of so many different people; if everyone held on to their own little background, then we have no American identity,” Chenge continued. “I don’t stand for that. I stand for a single American identity.”

Chenge would be Michigan’s first Black governor. 

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