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Al Sharpton Files for Divorce from Estranged Wife, Kathy Jordan, 17 Years After Separation

Kathy Jordan and Al Sharpton (Getty)
Circa 2001 … The Rev. Al Sharpton escorts his wife, Kathy Jordan Sharpton, outside the Canaan Baptist Church in Harlem, where they renewed their marriage vows.Kathy Jordan and Al Sharpton. The Sharptons were originally married in 1980 in Las Vegas – (Getty)

*Al Sharpton and his estranged wife Kathy Jordan have officially filed to end their marriage more than 17 years after they separated. 

The civil rights activists filed paperwork for a contested divorce on Thursday in Manhattan Supreme Court, per AP News

A statement from the former couple said: “After years of being separated, Kathy and I have decided to formalize our separation by filing for divorce. We plan to resolve this in an amicable manner. We remain good friends and our highest concern is the well-being of our grandson.”

Al and Kathy were married for more than 20 years before announcing their split in November 2004. They have two adult daughters together.

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Rev. Al Sharpton

Since 2013, Sharpton has been in a serious relationship with fashion designer Aisha McShaw.

Meanwhile, we previously reported, with his latest book, Rise Up: Confronting A Country At The Crossroads,  Sharpton outlines his unrelenting position on the weightiest political and societal issues of our time, recounts some hard lessons learned, and offers an inside glimpse into the mentors who shaped the man we see today.

In a 2020 interview with, the rev explained what he hopes will come out of all the protesting that erupted last summer over the police killing of George Floyd.

“The legislation is one, as I said, but the overall result should be how we as a culture redefine policing and move past police being above the law while questioning the actions of some police is thought to be anti-police,” Sharpton said. “I think legislation can enforce this, or we need a cultural shift. One of the reasons the Floyd case caught on the way it did is that it happened in the middle of a pandemic and everyone was in lockdown. There were no sports, so people were watching the news to see what was happening with the lockdown,” he explained.

“They kept seeing this footage over and over again, and they couldn’t turn to sports as a distraction. There was no distraction with George Floyd, and I think that caused an eruption. How could somebody press their weight with their knee on someone’s neck for more than eight minutes unless there was some venom there?”

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