Saturday, March 6, 2021

Ready To Love Review, Season 3 Reunion, Part 2


*It turns out the ‘happily ever after’ we thought we saw at the end of season 3 of Ready To Love has not lasted! Adriana and Khalfani no longer are together. Khalfani cut Adriana loose as soon as they walked off the resort! So the ghoster got ghosted!

Khalfani returned home from the show to find a note on his door from a former girlfriend asking him to give their relationship another chance. Since this woman already had a relationship with him and his child, Khalfani said he opted to walk away from the potential of what could be with Adriana to rebuild what he had with the former girlfriend. 

When Uncle Tommy asked Adriana if she regretted choosing Khalfani over Rashid – only to get dropped off at the bus stop – her facial expression said what she didn’t have the guts to verbalize! When Uncle Tommy started talking to Rashid about his feelings for Adriana he still got no respect from her! Even after Khalfani had dropped her like a hot potato in tin foil out the oven she still was mesmerized by him!


Denise took it all in with a smile, but that didn’t get her off the hook for saying Rashid reminded her of a light-skinned, frat boy narcissist. Especially after she got caught lying on Joy in part one of the reunion. 

Speaking of Joy: She and Jay confirmed they are NOT a couple. She said they still getting to know each other. Wynter and Edwin both looked happy to hear they might still have a chance. Still, Edwin hasn’t been sitting around waiting. He has had several dates with Nyya despite her saying she never really liked Edwin and was only obliging Chris’ interest in her for the sake of the show.

Chris said he was shocked to see the tongue action Nyya had given to Edwin during the taping of the show when she claimed to be only into Chris at the time. Even though Nyya and Edwin had dated a few times, Nyya made it clear she is still on the market in search of a man who will marry her, go half on a baby while paying for everything else. 

Steffanie Rivers
Steffanie Rivers

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