Thursday, October 6, 2022

Bevy Smith on New Memoir ‘Bevelations’ + Black Designers and Choosing Happiness

*It was all a dream when she worked at Vibe and Rolling Stone Magazine. At 38 Bevy Smith realized she was no longer happy and left. Even with lavish the life she had, she just knew there was something else in store for her.

EURweb correspondent Monique Loveless sat down with the Harlemite to talk about her new book, “Bevelations: Lessons from a Mutha, Auntie, Bestie,” and drop some true “bevelations” for us. Yassss mutha, auntie and bestie we’ll take them!

“I am the mutha for my LGBTQI folks. I am the auntie for all my under 35, maybe 38-year-old girls, who think of me as the cool auntie and some call me the rich auntie. And I am the bestie to all my grown women who have been through some things.”

Smith breaks it all down in her new memoir. Even though she’s spilling the tea, don’t expect any name drops though. Ms. Smith, as we know, always keeps it discreet which is refreshing considering our current climate.

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The 54-year-old personality spent the first part of her career as a fashion ad executive. Becoming a known name at Vibe and Rolling Stone in her 20s. By the time she turned 28 Smith started feeling dissatisfied with her career.

Despite the glamour of flying to fashion weeks, sitting front row, rubbing elbows with famous names, receiving luxury items like it was Christmas, dining at 5-star restaurants, and living her best life, she couldn’t shake the discontent she felt. After five years of unhappiness, Bevy, at the age of 38 left her $350,000 position at Rolling Stone to pursue her media career.

“33 was a pivotal moment for me because I had realized that I was truly, truly unhappy. And it was just something I could no longer hide.”

The fabulous Smith goes on to say, “If you can’t be happy surrounded by a bunch of luxury stuff, making good money and having lots of great sex with various well-hung men. I mean what’s going to make you happy.” 

Seven years passed by of Bevy struggling to make ends meet when she finally received her first show Fashion Queens, in 2014. That led the fashion OG into co-hosting Page Six TV and on to her now Radio Andy Sirius XM show “Bevelations.”


Since she never let anything come in between her going after her dreams and achieving them, we had to ask her to drop a couple of “bevelations” to give others the momentum to keep going for their own dreams.

“Do the research and figure out what it is that you really want to do. Then try to find an opportunity to even try it (dream) out. Go see a financial advisor. Really do the introspective work on yourself.”

Then Auntie ends it with a major take away “ It is not easy to change your life, I’m not going to give you the platitudes. It is painful, it’s hard but it’s worth it when you get to the other side.”

Go grab Bevy Smith’s new book – “Bevelations: Lessons from a Mutha, Auntie, Bestie” – published by Andy Cohen’s imprint, here. Get the tea and life advice along the way while it’s piping hot.




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