Monday, January 18, 2021

Actor Brian Hooks Also Works with At-Risk Youth – EUR Exclusive/WATCH

*With all the chaos going on in the world there are still some good things happening.

EURweb correspondent Monique Loveless sat down with Brian Hooks to talk about his new movie and how his production company, Left Of Bang Entertainment is making positive change.

“At the age of three, they can predict if that three-year child will go to jail or not.” Hooks goes into detail about what he learned on how they calculate this: “They can tell by the geographical area they live in, whether their parents were in gangs or in jail and the number of gangs they have to walk through in the area every day back and forth to school.“

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Brian spends time with youth as he represents his production company, Left Of Bang Entertainment

The Bakersfield, CA native is best known for comedy but he knew he had to effect change in a different way. So he made sure Left of Bang Entertainment is more than just a production company. He made sure it was a way of giving back especially to the youth.

The comedian-actor talks about it with passion, “We have to reach out to these youth, these black and brown youth.”

Left of Bang Entertainment is giving a unique alternative to youth by providing inner-city youth with the opportunity to take part in the filming process. For a child who grows up in a low-income at-risk community, breaking the gang cycle is incredibly difficult.

Unfortunately, inner-city youth are typically not exposed to positive creative outlets or alternatives to belonging to gangs. Left of Bang introduces them to on-set operations and they get to participate in all that goes into bringing a film to life.

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brian hooksMeanwhile, Hooks is busy as heck and has a new film in the works called “Adam and Eve.” This new project falls into the drama genre, which is a very different direction for the “3 Strikes” actor.

“’Adam and Eve’ is about two people who fall in love but they both have skeletons in their closet,” Hooks tells us. He also wrote, produced, and acted in the love story film.

Be on the lookout for “Adam and Eve” in the summertime. Don’t forget to check out Brian Hooks’ production company, Left Of Bang Entertainment.



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