Tuesday, May 28, 2024

E40, Richie Rich Beef Sparked by 49ers Super Bowl Loss – Watch

Richie Rich (instagram)
Richie Rich (instagram)

*After the San Francisco 49ers took that fall-from-ahead “L” in the Super Bowl, a feud was sparked among Bay Area rap veterans E-40 and Richie Rich.

It started when Rich tweeted something 40 felt was disrespectful about his team’s loss. E40 responded by bringing up stuff from the past, like calling him a b**ch n***a, a snitch, a cervix and a fallopian tube.

Rich, in turn, gave 40 “48 hours” to retract his statements. That prompted Snoop Dogg to step in, saying they are too grown to be acting like this.

And that brings us to this video Rich shot about the whole his disappointment in 40, whom he once “f**ked with” and thought was a friend.


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