Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Mike Tyson Says His ‘Violent’ Daughter Wanted to Fight Boosie Over ‘Transphobic Comments [VIDEO]

*Mike Tyson claims his aggressive and violent daughter wanted to fight Boosie Badazz because the rapper doesn’t support transgenderism in children. 

Earlier this year the boxer confronted Boosie for the alleged transphobic comments he made about Dwyane Wade’s daughter, Zaya. Tyson’s daughter also had a few choice words for Booise that day, and their encounter nearly turned physical. 

“My daughter lives that life. She came from New York to this office right here to confront this guy, and she’s violent. I thought she came to see me. I thought she came to see her father and stepmother. She came to confront him physically,” said Tyson during an interview with Vlad TV shared on Saturday (Dec. 20).  “I had to take care of that. I was watching her, she wanted to physically grab this guy, and started attacking this guy. I had to come in, I was watching her. She explained herself, then he explained himself and it didn’t go as bad as I thought it was going to go.”

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Tyson said the incident left him with a new understanding of his daughter’s LGBTQ lifestyle.

“I learned that day that there’s a set of people, and they’re very serious about stuff like that,” Tyson said, referring to homophobic slurs and compared it to racial slurs used against Black people. “Those words are very offensive. It’s very offensive to them.”

Tyson added: “I didn’t know. I took it for granted. I was a guy and I was a sexist and I didn’t understand other people’s feelings. From that experience, to come from New York to here, to represent who she was, and to get physical, I have nothing but respect for that. I talk totally different to her. She’s serious like that.”

When Vlad TV  asked Boosie about the incident, he shared his side of the story.

“She was like, ‘Dad, I want to interview him. I want to ask him some questions right now.’ I said, ‘Come on.’ She was on some, ‘Do you know what’s going on in the transgender world right now? Do you know how many people are committing suicide and dying?’” the rapper explained. “So I would tell her, do you know what’s going on with Black people right now? We’re getting shot down, they got so many single mothers out there, and when she would shoot that at me, I would shoot that at her. She was saying the things she was passionate about and I was saying the things I was passionate about.”

Boosie added: “We didn’t see eye to eye so she walked out.”

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