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Howard Johnson: Soul Man Tells of Protecting Drug Lord’s Wife After Fallout with Suge Knight / LISTEN

*Howard Johnson is a legendary soul singer from the 70s and 80s. He was the frontman for Niteflyte before having a successful solo career. He was known as the “Prophet of Soul” but eventually ended up working directly with former Druglord Michael “Harry O” Harris. Howard spoke to the  Murder Master Music Show about his time with Death Row and how one night he had to pull a 45 out of a briefcase to protect Lydia Harris. Check out the info below of this rare Death Row related story.

Dana Dane song w/ Jewel that never came out because of falling out with Suge and Harry-O 

” I didn’t deal directly with Suge but I was the Vice President of Lifestyle Records which belonged to Harry O and Lydia Harris. Harry O everyone by now knows he is the one who put up the money for Death Row. I never met Suge but we were somewhat rivals because our first single was with Dana Dane and we had Jewel on the record and it never came out because she was signed to Suge. Suge and Harry O had a falling out so that’s why we never released that record.” 

Protecting Lydia one night with 45 after Harry O’s henchmen disappeared 

“Alotta people didn’t know what my history was prior to that. Being in Niteflyte, our managers were some of the biggest drug dealers at the time in the United States. I didn’t know it at the time I was pretty naive and wondered why we had leer jets at our disposal. I lived on the water and drove a Ferrari but I didn’t know they were in the drug game. When I met Harry O there was an incident at the studio and only a few people know this story. One night we were at the studio and Harry O had some henchmen that worked for him and Lydia and one night they all disappeared. She was a bit shaken and crying and a call came to her from Harry O and she was screaming and yelling. I opened up my briefcase and pulled out my 45 and she freaked out and dropped the phone. I picked the phone up and Harry O was yelling “what is going on?” From that point on we had this mutual respect! 

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Original Source: Murder Master Music Show of

Howard Johnson was interviewed by Prezident Bejda on Episode 756 of the Murder Master Music Show

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