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THE REAL: The Ladies’ Experience With Stereotypes in Hollywood. Plus, Cheryl Hines Is Here!

The Real (11-09-20)

*On Monday, Nov. 9, the ladies of The Real discuss stereotyping that they have experienced in Hollywood throughout their careers.

Co-host Adrienne Houghton recalls that it wasn’t until her role in Cheetah Girls that she was able to finally represent Latinas as a whole instead of as the stereotypical Hispanic female. Meanwhile, co-host Loni Love calls for allies of people of color in the industry to break the molds regarding ethnic representations.

Then, Adrienne shares her views on LGBTQ marriage rights, and how the community is viewed by many religions. As a devout Christian, she states that she does not feel peace and rest in her heart and soul when she judges others and wants to live as a reflection of love.

And don’t bother asking Loni to share her food! She explains why she is territorial over her meals and refuses to share her fare with her boyfriend James.

Later, Cheryl Hines pays a visit to chat about working with Adrienne on I Can See Your Voice, learning that CNN’s Wolf Blitzer as a super fan, and the autographed photo of Larry David that she has hanging in her bathroom at home.

The Ladies’ Experiences With Hollywood’s Stereotyping

Adrienne Isn’t Here to Judge People

Loni Doesn’t Share Food!

Cheryl Hines Has an Autographed Photo of Larry David in Her Bathroom

The Ladies’ Experiences With Hollywood’s Stereotyping

Loni Love: I was everybody’s, uh, maid. I was the lunch lady. That’s all I could ever get when–at the start of my career.

Garcelle Beauvais: Yeah.

Loni: And I remember auditioning for Kevin James’ Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

Garcelle: Oh yeah!

Loni:… Which, I mean, it was a comedy, which I love…

Adrienne Houghton: You killed it in that.

Loni: But, he wanted to break a stereotype of the Black woman just being sassy, whatever.  He actually let me do my own fight scenes. Um, he gave me lines. And I just– and that’s what it takes. It takes people to be allies.


Adrienne: It wasn’t actually until I did the Cheetah Girls that Disney gave me the right to make Chanel, “Chuchie”, whatever I wanted her to be. Like, there literally is a scene where I’m like, “I’m Dominican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Ecuadorian, I’m Latina.”  Like, that’s who I am!  And to be able to reflect that and put so much of myself into that character meant so much to me, ‘cause when I shot other films, literally, directors would be like, uh, “Where are you from?” They would, like, cut the scene and be like, “Where are you from?”

Garcelle: ‘Cause they couldn’t tell.

Adrienne: I had to say a line in the movie Coach Carter, (in her New York accent) “Yeah, Dawg.” I’ll never forget this. And the director stopped filming and walked over to me. Literally, it’s me, Ashanti, Samuel L.– like, and walks over to me like, “Where are you from?” We were filming at Poly Tech in Long Beach. And I was like, “New York.”  He was like, “Change the way you talk.” And I was like, “Uh…” Because I was supp– I mean, we were filming a film that was supposed to be in LA. But again, I was always cast for being Mexican… and I didn’t sound Mexican when I said, “Yeah, Dawg.”

Loni: Right.

Garcelle: Right. Oh, that’s interesting.

Adrienne:  And I’ll never forget that. So, it’s so important that Hollywood open up their range of what they believe is stereotypically…

Garcelle: Yes!

Adrienne: If you’re Latina in Hollywood, it’s only this one thing.



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