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Gary Owen’s Pissed Off Ex-Wife Reacts After He Talks About Her, Kids on ‘Club Shay Shay’ | WATCH

Gary Owen, BET ComicView Alumni is in the news. *Gary Owen’s ex-wife, Kenya Duke, is speaking out after the comedian got candid about their divorce and his estranged kids on Club Shay Shay.

The famed comic confirmed during his conversation with Shannon Sharpe he recently welcomed twins with his fiancée, Brianna Johnson.

Owen said it’s been nearly four years since he spoke to the children he shares with his ex Kenya, claiming their relationship is nonexistent since the ex-couple’s divorce.  He told Shannon that his kids have not yet met his 9-month-old twins. 

“Didn’t think I wanted to be a father again….not having a relationship with my [other] kids…you know….I hate that thing of like ‘Imma do it right this time’ cause…I don’t think I did it wrong the first time,” Owen says on Club Shay Shay, The Jasmine Brand reports.

Kenya Duke
Kenya Duke and Gary Owens [Screen shot / Instagram]
“I was very conscious of how I spoke to them, how we disciplined them…that I never put them down,” he continued. “All the sports and stuff they played, I was the fun dad…I wouldn’t say I did it wrong but it’s two fold…I think not having a relationship with my kids…it sucks too cause my kids, they don’t know them. They don’t have no relationship with them,” Owen said, referring to the twins. 

Kenya reacted to his remarks on Instagram, saying, “My growth is not feeling the need to address mistruths anymore. The grace and kindness, I have shown you, is the space to tell lies and false narratives for sympathy and attention without correcting. You are a great storyteller…sometimes I get caught up in your versions.”

Per The Jasmine Brand, she added in the caption, “it has been 3 years. I am always kind and cool with you. I purposely, never make it awkward. I never bother you. I have given you my suggestions on the situation but you don’t respect their boundaries. Which is why you discussed this again on social media. I don’t know what else to do to help you.”

Watch Gary on Club Shay Shay via the YouTube clip above.

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