Friday, September 17, 2021

Get Out and Vote PRAYER – by Bride of Christ

*Well readers, I come to you only a few short days away from official Election Day, November 3, 2020. 


This year’s Election has been like no other. There has been so much hype and importance placed on who should be chosen as the best candidate; especially for the office of United States President.

Over 50 million Americans have already voted. If only we as a people would come together and show just as much passion for living a holy life as we have put into promoting who we think is the best person for President, there wouldn’t be so much bad-mouthing and back-and-forth tearing down the character of their opponent, that we’ve seen.

If you have not already voted then yes, I encourage ALL to vote. More importantly; right now, I believe Gods people should be praying. Not just for the best candidate to be voted into office. Pray for direction and wisdom for our leaders. Pray for a hope that many don’t currently have and cannot see. A hope that most don’t understand cannot be found in man.

Pray with me:

Oh, Dear Lord God, Master of this universe, Creator of all mankind, Giver of all good and perfect gifts.  I Thank you for your patience with an unruly and stiff-necked people. I thank you for your faithfulness to a people who have shown time and time again their unfaithfulness. Yet you love us for we were created in your image and you have called all your people, BELIEVERS, to integrity and to live a life of holiness as you are holy.

I come to you on behalf of the American people right now; especially those who have put their trust in man, processes and things of this world. Many of the very same people who profess to be Believers with good hearts and good intentions.

Your Word says the kingdom is yours and YOU rule over the nations. Both riches and honor come from you, and you rule over it all. In your hands is power and might.

You, Father God placed government into order and you alone have the Sovereignty and authority over this world. It doesn’t matter what man is chosen as President. You want all men everywhere to know and understand that a man’s steps are to be ordained by you; not by his own desires. How then can man understand his own way?

Isaiah 9:6 says, “For a child is born to us. To us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders.” In a time of great darkness, you Oh, LORD promised to send a light who would shine on everyone. That message of hope was fulfilled in the birth of your Son, Jesus Christ who came not to establish an earthly kingdom, but to deliver ALL people from a world of sin. Those who Believe in Him will not perish but will live an eternal life with Him. I pray that all people will come to know Him personally and resolve to live for HIM; not man.

Lastly, Lord – I pray that whatever man is voted into the office of President that we as a people learn to lift him up to you regularly in prayer. I Pray that his decisions are made with wisdom and his heart will be filled with passion for you with an overflow of compassion for your people.


In Jesus name I pray,


Bride of Christ


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