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‘Value Others Test Everyone’ is the Acronym VOTE!



get out the vote issue 5 written by andrette aug 25
“Value Others Test Everyone” which is the acronym VOTE
get out the vote issue 5 written by andrette aug 25

My topic today continues the past weeks topic on voting. We as Americans have been given an inalienable right to vote which simply means NO ONE can take away that right. Don’t be misinformed, though no one can take that right away, YOU can most certainly give it away and many today do. There are those who choose to break the law (convicted felons) and therefore they are disenfranchised which is a fancy way of saying their rights; including the right to vote, is taken away.

And then there’s many Christians and non-Christians who freely give-away their right to vote by not exercising that right. Many Christians think voting is the world’s secular process and that Christians shouldn’t have anything to do with the world.

There are many other Americans who are just not registered to vote and feel it’s a waste of time to do so. Many have never voted and don’t feel their vote would matter. I found an interesting read from an organization called Science News for Students by Bethany Brookshire. The article dates back to 2016 and lists 4 reasons why people don’t vote. I won’t expound on it, but think you should take the time to read it.

In the meantime, let’s talk practically about voting: If I were to ask you do you value your life? I would suspect your response would be, “yes.” Who doesn’t feel their individual life and the right to be alive is not valued? BUT, my question is more in regards to your principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgment of what is important in life.  Many people hold their parents rules or set of values.  Once we’re old enough or considered an adult, we learn to think for ourselves. Though our upbringing may be a big influencer on our lives, we ultimately determine if our parents rules, and learned values are worth living out throughout our adulthood.

How do our values lead us to see others? Do we think of others as important? Are others’ lives as important as yours? I believe most would say yes. But, now, the question is do we agree with the decisions others make; especially if those decisions affect YOU and your livelihood?

Obviously, we won’t agree with everything someone might say or do. Let’s be honest, we don’t even always see eye to eye with our own family or spouse.  But the overall actions of an individual or even a group of individuals can be a guide by which we test the account of all parts of a person’s actions.

Everyone should be tested – tried and true, confirmed, verified, certified and approved. Many think their vote doesn’t count or matter, but that has obviously been proven untrue. In 2008, a nation of all races: blacks, whites, hispanics, etc. came together and agreed to make history by electing our 44th President and 1st African-American to office.

Everyone’s vote counts! As an American it is our constitutional right, but as a Believer, this lends itself to an opportunity for Christians everywhere to proactively play out their Faith. Yes, someone’s going to be chosen as President, with or without your vote. But, it’s only when God’s People start praying, ask for God’s Counsel and vote, not for one who is perfect because there is no one perfect, but for one who’s been researched and tested. One whose past track record has shown they will genuinely do what’s Best for the people as a whole. Proverbs 19:21 says, “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.” Psalm 33:11 says, “The counsel of the LORD stands forever. Let Believers everywhere stand firm and lead the way to the voting polls. May we remember that we are to walk the walk of Faith by exercising our faith with our vote. Faith without works is dead. James 2:26.

My practical advice – as briefly mentioned previously, research each candidate. Don’t get caught up on what they say more than what they’ve previously done. How they’ve lived their lives.  Anyone can talk-the-talk, but do they walk-the-talk? What does their past tell you about who they are as a person? What have they done for someone beyond themselves? Do they truly value others. Have their lives been tested so that everyone can see their true colors. See where their values truly lie; then vote.

You’ll be glad you did.

Bride of Christ
WOW Board Member

WOW is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that exists to glorify God and build His kingdom.  WOW fellowships with like minded people and performs community service.  WOW represents single Christians thirty-five years of age and older in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas Metroplex.  Everyone is welcome.

Back by popular demand…Alive 2020…the best Adult Single Christian Event of the year.  This year’s Theme, Imagine!

ALIVE 2020 is a FREE “in person” with very safe, social distancing, and/or virtual conference for Christian single adults and ALL friends, taking place at the Prestoncrest Church of Christ in Dallas, TX. We are in our 14th year of this special gathering single adults and friends coming together to connect, encourage, inspire, and empower one another toward exceptionally meaningful and purposeful life with our God and others.  IMAGINE…our world, all countries, our country, our cities, our neighborhoods, our churches, our schools, our families, all people, with all of our differences, living in peace and harmony together. For more, call (972) 741-7142…..Gary Cochran, WOW Member


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Civil Rights

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Lead expert Attorney Antonio Moore for testimony in the bills presentation on the California senate floor in August had this to say about the bill,

“Today California stands as a beacon on reparations to ADOS American Descendants of Slavery shining a light on this issue in a way not seen in American history.  From slavery during the Gold Rush in the 1850s to redlining in Los Angeles in the 1950s we stand ready to review it all and to acknowledge the consequence of that cost with the commission established by Ab3121. The work Assemblywoman Shirley Weber has done on this bill is monumental.”

Watch the signing live at 5 pm est on YouTube here.


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