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Nine D9 Members Making Moves



Divine Nine - Soror-Frats_2a

Divine Nine - Soror-Frats_2a

*This election season has put a spotlight on a part of the Black culture that has been in the shadows for quite a while.

From 1987-1993, A Different World was a show that would feature HBCUs and Black Greek organizations on those campuses. Other than that, the movie School Daze, by Spike Lee is 1988, which centered around a fictitious HBCU, gave light to Black Greek life. 9 organizations included in the D9, also knows at the Divine9 or NPHC have been labeled as secret societies and been viewed as the elite in Black culture.

While much of the country is still being awakened to the terms HBCU and Divine9, many of its members continue to excel, innovate, and set the standard for greatness. The irony lies in the fact that most people that have worked closely with these professionals, do not know that these individuals are members of these Black Greek organizations. They are all around us, in every field, in every aspect of American greatness.

Here are just a few of the D9 members that are making moves right now and contributing to our society in the most incredible ways.

Kamala Harris_official_photo-web-678x381

  1. Kamala Harris
  • Organization – Alpha Kappa Alpha
  • Title: Unites State Senator from California, Vice Presidential Candidate
  • Accomplishment – Kamala is the first African American Woman nominated to a major party ticket.


  1. Keisha Lance Bottoms
  • Organization – Delta Sigma Theta
  • Title: Mayor of Atlanta
  • Accomplishment – Keisha is the only Atlanta Mayor to have served in all three branches of government serving as a judge and city councilmember.
Bryanta Bre Maxwell1

Bryanta Bre Maxwell

  1. Bryanta “Bre” Maxwell
  • Organization – Zeta Phi Beta
  • Title: Political Directors for Jamie Harrison for U.S. Senate
  • Accomplishment – Bre has taken this “underdog” campaign and locked it in a virtual tie against Lindsey Graham to flip this senate seat. She co-founded Taking Root, has served on the Democratic National Committee Youth Council, and previously worked for Congressman James E. Clyburn.


  1. Ray McKenzie
  • Organization – Kappa Alpha Psi
  • Title: International Founder & CEO, ai
  • Accomplishment – Ray launched his 2nd technology company, StartingPoint, during Covid that will help companies deal with the new normal of doing business from a distance, post-Covid. The new normal just got easier for small businesses.

D.L. Hughley

  1. D.L. Hughley
  • Organization – Omega Psi Phi
  • Title: Actor | Political Commentator | Radio Host | Author Stand-up Comedian
  • Accomplishment – The original host of ComicView, a member of The Original Kings of Comedy, a TV Star, radio star, and best-selling author is a master of bringing truth to power.


  1. Roland Martin
  • Organization – Alpha Phi Alpha
  • Title: Journalist & Political Commentary
  • Accomplishment – Roland’s daily digital show, Unfiltered, is bringing the most powerful, honest, and important voices together for unfiltered conversation to keep us better informed on the issues that affect us most.

Ryan Ehsan

  1. Ryan Ehsan
  • Organization – Phi Beta Sigma
  • Title: Founder & President of Code3, Men’s Skincare Line
  • Accomplishment – Ryan’s experience as a law enforcement professional gave him the vision for a unique men’s skincare line that is great for civil servants that spend a large portion of their time outside. During the height of Covid, they formulated and made widely available an advanced sanitizer. This is the true meaning of serve and protect.
Jason Wright (headshot)

Jason Wright

  1. Jason Wright
  • Organization – Alpha Phi Alpha
  • Title: President, Washington Football Team
  • Accomplishment – Jason is the first African American to serve in this role in the NFL.


  1. Martin Jarmond
  • Organization – Kappa Alpha Psi
  • Title: UCLA Athletic Director
  • Accomplishment – Martin is the youngest athletic director in the power five conference and the first African American to serve in this role at UCLA.


If you are college educated, in pursuit of a college degree or curious about what it would take to join a Black Greek organization, do the research. Visit the websites of each organization. Connect with your local chapter. Find and ask another member of the organization the questions that peak your curiosity. And believe it or not, there are non-Black members in these organizations. It’s all about goals, aspirations, community service, and achievement.


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King Yahweh and The Kingdom of Yahweh Welcomes Miss Jamaica World’s Milinda Smith / PICs



KY - White affair 23 - img 3781a
KY - White affair 23 - img 3781

King Yahweh and Miss Jamaica World 2016 runner-up Milinda Smith

*On Saturday, November 21st, 2020, King Yahweh of The Kingdom of Yahweh held an all-white royal affair at his South Florida castle.

The posh event boasted lions, monkeys, performers, on-site massages, and a swanky guest list of dignitaries, influencers, and members of the Kingdom of Yahweh, who all gathered in the name of charity.

Mission of hope and gracevolunteering

Mission of hope and grace volunteers

Miss Jamaica World 2016 runner-up Milinda Smith, now a businesswoman and aficionado, attended the event.

She expressed gratitude and excitement for an invitation as she has been doing charitable missions with her organization Mission of Hope and Grace since 2014.

Her first large scale mission trip in Kwahu-Abetifi, Ghana, where private and public donors donated food, clothing, and medical services to those in need.

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1-King Yahweh and Milinda Smith

Milinda Smith and King Yahweh

King Yahweh and Milinda share a connection with Africa and a love for helping all people, so it only fits for a charitable collaboration to take place. King Yahweh and Milinda Smith discussed a humanitarian initiative at the event; however, details have not been made public disclosed regarding the initiative.

MilindaSmith and Consul General of Jamaica, Oliver Mair

Milinda Smith and Consul General of Jamaica, Oliver Mair

Before her platform as a “Beauty with a Purpose” beauty queen Milinda has always loved being of service to others. Her charitable work spans across borders, but she has never forgotten home.

With her organization, she has contributed to several rural communities in Jamaica. Some of her work consists of sending children to school, donating food and clothing to individuals in the city and those incarcerated, and distributing medical supplies such as nebulizers to hospitals. In recent years she has been more active in loaning her voice to her country and her people.

She has been working closely with the Consul General of Jamaica Oliver Mair on several projects and events. Most recently, on November 24th, Milinda helped to welcome 120 newly minted Jamaican citizens alongside the Consul General in a virtual citizenship welcome ceremony.

Ribbon cutting of Milindas Spa

Ribbon cutting of Milinda’s Spa

As a licensed esthetician and Ayurveda practitioner, Milinda created a natural skincare line, MáJas, which includes an array of products from face and body soaps to lotions and face masks. MáJas products can be purchased online at or from the gift shop of her spa Epidermasters in Miramar, Florida.

Epidermasters spa recently opened in Miramar as an expansion of her beauty endeavors, and the grand opening was quite grand itself. The Consul General of Jamaica, Oliver Mair, did the honors of cutting the ribbon to formally open the doors of Epidermasters, where facials, chemical peels, light therapy, massages, waxing, makeup, etc., services are being provided. The Vice-Mayor of Miramar Maxwell Chambers, Jamaican diaspora activist Capt. Dr. Rupert Francis and other dignitaries were in attendance as well.

KY - White affair 23 - img 3781a

Milinda Smith and King Yahweh


Milinda shares that she is elated by the strong possibility of a collaboration with the Kingdom of Yahweh and cannot wait until the time comes to take action Stay up-to-date with King Yahweh

Milinda Smith

Milinda Smith

(@king_yahweh_the_holy_ghost_) and Milinda

(@onemilindasmith) for updates on their projects.


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Doctor Dre: Former ‘Yo! MTV Raps’ Host Loses Leg to Diabetes / VIDEO



Andre dr dre Brown1 - GettyImages-1264098642c
Andre dr dre Brown - GettyImages-1264098642c

Andre ‘Dr. Dre’ Brown

*The other “Dr. Dre,” Andre Brown, of “Yo! MTV Raps” fame, has been hit with another setback to his health.

Brown, 56, who’s been battling diabetes for years recently announced that he had a leg amputated and his family started a GoFundMe account to help with the medical costs.

Via Rolling Stone, Dre said on Memorial Day that he slipped and fell down a flight of stairs at his sister’s house. He suffered an injury to his right ankle, and later developed a life-threatening infection.

“The infection that was in my feet had started eating away at my bones,” he told the publication. “If I had waited another day, I’d have been septic, and I could’ve died.”

The bottom line is that doctors amputated his leg below the calf. He was fitted with a prosthetic and underwent physical therapy.

As was previously reported, Dre developed diabetes around a decade ago and last year he had lost his sight.

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“I’m a type 2 diabetic who’s lost his vision,” he said in an interview with ABC 7 New York. He told the TV station diabetes wasn’t the only contributing factor to his vision loss.

“I had my retinas reattached, so I didn’t really go blind just from the diabetes, but in the reattachment I have what you call scar tissue behind my eyes, so when that kind of fluctuates, my vision comes back,” he explained. “It fades out, then it comes back.”

Despite his recent health challenges, Doctor Dre remains positive about life.

“I’m very blessed and sometimes, a loss is a plus,” he told Rolling Stone. “I’m a very spiritual man. I’m a very God-fearing man. And if this is the master plan, then he’s done what he wants to do. It’s out of my control.”

Andre Brown, also known as “Dr. Dre,” became known nationally for co-hosting the groundbreaking “Yo! MTV Raps” with Ed Lover from 1988 to 1995. The show, which originally launched in 1987 with Fab 5 Freddy as host, introduced fans to their favorite artists. Dre, Long Island, NY native,  was also a co-founder of 1980s rap group Original Concept, and a DJ in New York and Los Angeles.


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Chas Bronxson’s ‘Dear Beyoncé’ Hilariously Highlights the Perils of A Super ‘Stan’ / WATCH



Chas Bronxson1

*Written by Chas Bronxson, a songwriter and podcast curator on Chuck D’s Rapstation Network, Anthem Tongue Radio; “Dear Beyoncé” is a harmonic and humorous look at the bygone era of ‘stans’ in a catchy musical tribute to Beyoncé.

A melodic R&B earworm of a song presents a hilarious glimpse into an obsessed character whose letter to Bey is colorfully played out in a musical short that won Best Music Video at the 2018 Annual Poconos Film Festival.

The song originated in 2011 when composer and songwriter Chas Bronxson was listening to an old sample by a rapper named Justin Warfield called “Season of the Vic.” He randomly said, ‘Dear Beyonce’ and rhymed it with ‘what I’m say...’ under the track and ran with it, creating a harmonic and humorous twist on the modern ‘stan’. The song and video sat for years as Bronxson focused on his label; producing other artists such as young Haley Smith (“I Miss My Daddy”) and developing his own projects.

Fast-forward. Seeing the variety of TikTok videos and comedic, music-laced spoofs taking off all over the internet during the Pandemic Shutdown, he decided the creativity of “Dear Beyoncé” would find a current audience. As well, with so many internet and self-made social media celebrities, he realized the age of the superstars and the sometimes rabid fan bases that followed them was declining. He understood that while fame is relative and seemingly everywhere, for some, there’s always that superfan. He released the video on September, 4th, 2020 (Beyoncé’s birthday).

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Chas Bronxson

Chas Bronxson – Screenshot from ‘Dear Beyoncé’

Posting the video on his social media platforms, the short immediately garnered well over half a million views, 14,000 likes, and over 500 enthusiastic comments and shares within the first few days of the post. This encouraged Bronxson to release a free download of the radio edit of the song on his website

For the video, he offered his turn at humor and hi-jinx stating, “A flat music video tribute would be boring to people who aren’t into Beyoncé, even though the tune itself can be appreciated by anybody.” For music lovers in general, the forthcoming EP offers jazz, instrumental, acapella, afrobeat mix, and the uncut “Letter to Beyoncé.” Overall, the musicianship composition and songwriting skills stand out throughout the various versions of the song.

True Beyoncé fans who catch the ‘audio easter eggs’ with subtle Beyoncé references of over 20 of her songs and films win a cash prize. Meanwhile, in anticipation of Bronxson’s upcoming EP, he is offering a free download of the song on his website

His videos and works can be seen here

source: Gia Garel / [email protected]

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