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Reimagined Version of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Black Man’ Video Features Wonder and Other Global Pioneers and Influencers of Color



black man
Black Man Cover Image (Photo Credit: Coloan Records)


*A powerful new video is now available for the creative reimagining of Stevie Wonder’s “Black Man,” remixed by Brennan Williams (aka Will Coloan), producer and founder of Coloan Records. Featuring historic images of more than 100 influential Americans and global figures, as well as a spoken introduction by Motown legend Stevie Wonder himself, the video was also directed, edited, and produced by Williams. The video can be viewed on YouTube.

“Stevie Wonder is one of the greatest artists of humankind,” says Williams, who uses the handle “Will Coloan” in the studio. “When I started remixing ‘Black Man,’ it prompted me to put my directorial hat on to create a video to match the powerful sentiments of his lyrics and the strength, tenacity and the accomplishments of Black men,” which originally appeared on his classic 1976 double album Songs In The Key of Life.

The “Black Man” remix – influenced by Afrobeat, dubstep, and world music with a pulsating chant of “Black Man, Black Man, Black Man” – was released on July 6, 2020, and can be heard on Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube. A celebration of the contributions made by international men of color and others to the fabric of America, it underscores the #BlackLivesMatter movement and the continued fight for social justice and equality, 44 years after Wonder released his original recording. Williams’ “Black Man” track leads the current wave of similar musical tributes to Black achievement, such as “Entrepreneur” by Pharrell featuring Jay-Z.

The brilliant new “Black Man” video visually spans our country’s turbulent history, from the Revolution to the Civil War, from Jim Crow to Civil Rights, and from segregation to Black Lives Matter and illustrates Wonder’s lyrics with historic footage, illustrations, and photos. Included are images of Barack Obama, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton, Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., Squanto, Cesar Chavez, Nelson Mandela, W.E.B. Du Bois, Frederick Douglas, James Baldwin, Langston Hughes, Muhammad Ali, John Lewis, Thurgood Marshall, Colin Kaepernick, Gordon Parks, Dick Gregory, Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Berry Gordy, Richard Pryor, Elijah Muhammad, Jackie Robinson, Arthur Ashe, Sidney Poitier, Spike Lee, The Exonerated Five, Emmett Till, The Tuskegee Airmen, Kobe Bryant, Nipsey Hussle, the Black Panther Party, and more than 100 others. Images of those who have lost their lives due to violence and police brutality, as well as footage of civil unrest and peaceful protests are also featured, culminating in a call to action.

“Given the recent events of civil unrest, and the murders of innocent men and women, I felt it was necessary to acknowledge and accurately represent the immense diversity of Black men using the context and framework of Stevie’s song,” continues Williams. “In addition to paying homage to the Grammy Award winner, I wanted to recognize ancestors, influencers, and history makers, past and present. Some faces you may not recognize — including my late father, who was a producer and inspired me to pursue a career in music — but these individuals are conscious, working, influential, and servicing their communities. These are people who deserve to be celebrated.”

Founded in 2008, Coloan Records creates theme mixes that combine original and remixed tracks to deliver eclectic and complex music programming. With unparalleled expertise in sensory branding and cultural programming, Coloan Records delivers unique viewing and listening experiences that captivate and move audiences across the globe. Coloan Records has created musical experiences for such clients as The Recording Academy, Harvard University, Toyota, McDonald’s, Black Portraiture Conferences (presented in New York, Italy, and South Africa), Misty Copeland’s Dance Tribute to Wynton Marsalis, and the African American Museum of Philadelphia’s 40th Anniversary Gala honoring media trailblazers Cathy Hughes and Alfred Liggins. Founder and CEO Brennan Williams is also the creator of specially curated monthly playlists for the relaunched Global Communicator magazine.

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King Yahweh and Monk Quang Chon Meet for Humanitarian Collaboration



King Yahweh & the Monk

Yahweh & Monk1-IMG_2098

*King Yahweh and The Kingdom of YAHWEH continue to do good deeds for all of mankind.

Another example of that is the October 23rd meeting King Yahweh and The Kingdom of YAHWEH and Monk Quang Chon from the Phuoc Hue Vietnamese Buddhist Temple.

Essentially, the  meeting was a humanitarian collaboration between King Yahweh and Monk Quang Chon where they discussed global affairs and mutual issues of mutual interest.

The historic and productive meeting with the two leaders yielded an agreement that King Yahweh and The Kingdom Of YAHWEH assisting Vietnamese monk and the Phuoc Hue Buddhist Temple in the relief and recovery efforts in Vietnam and the revitalization of existing schools due to damage from recent storms.

In return, Monk Quang  Chon (and Phuoc Hue Buddhist Temple) has agreed to assist King Yahweh and the Kingdom of Yahweh with the Kingdom of YAHWEH’s feeding of South Florida Project.

Photos from the meeting between King Yahweh and Monk Quang Chon:

Yahweh & Monk2-IMG_2095Yahweh & Monk4-IMG_2094Yahweh&Monk5-IMG_2097Yahweh &Monk3-IMG_2096

About the Kingdom of YAHWEH:
The Kingdom of YAHWEH is a community organization with a universal spiritual base that serves people of all nationalities regardless of their chosen walks of life. We are a community of worship without geographical boundaries. As global peace advocates, our goals include connecting with people from every ethnic group and religious background. We work to effect change in the community through our international initiatives via direct or direct sponsorship and supply of resources in areas of need including hospital rehabilitation, education reform, charity drives for the homeless communities, and support of other projects abroad to provide essential resources to displaced families. For more info:

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Male Model and Dancer in Janet Jackson’s ‘What Have You Done for Me Lately’ Video is Now a WOMAN / LOOK



Lana Houston1 (FacebooK)

*In the late 1980s, Rudy Houston was a well-recognized and talented model and dancer, perhaps best remembered as the leading man in Janet Jackson’s “What Have You Done For Me Lately” video.

He was the guy that women went crazy over because of his looks and dance moves. Houston was also the man who singer Pebbles was asking in her song, “Mercedes Boy,” if he wanted to ride with her in the song’s video, released in 1988.

While Rudy Houston was his name back in the day, today, he is a she…and goes by the name Lana Houston.

And according to Lana Houston, she is now “all-woman” in every sense of the phrase.

WHOAH! DID U SEE THIS? Ex-NBAer Zach Rudolph Files for Divorce Weeks After Tweeting ‘I Married A Ho’

Janet Jackson & Rudy Houston

Janet Jackson dancing with then male dancer, Rudy Houston, in ‘What Have You Done For Me Lately’ music video

Lana Houston (Facebook)

Lana Houston (Facebook)

Her sex change journey has been a long road, which for the most part, remained out of the media’s broad reach, until now because Houston is back and wants the world to know.

“Yes, it is true that I have transitioned from male to female,” Houston said in a statement that appears on I Love Old School Music’s website. “I began my transition from male to female in 1995. I needed time away from the entertainment industry to find my inner peace and embark on my intense and wonderful journey to womanhood. I am finally at peace. I am currently residing in L.A., where I work as an artist painting portraits and abstracts.”
Houston said she is grateful for her sex transition and to have fans. She is also looking for songwriters and music producers to collaborate with.

“Thanks to all those who were concerned about my whereabouts,” Houston said. “I’m back from the ‘dead.’ ”


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Kristen Welker: Presidential Debate Moderator is One Bad-azz Sista!



Kristen Welker - at debate1 - Getty5f9293a0abcd0c0018d69433
Kristen Welker (debate - Getty) - BB1ajEXz

Kristen Welker (Getty)

*OK Kristen Welker, let us join the chorus of praise you are getting for your stellar job of moderating Thursday night’s presidential debate. In fact, one of the participants owes you an apology. We’ll get to that later.

For those experiencing Welker for the first time and don’t anything about her, she grew up in Philadelphia and graduated from Harvard in 1998. She became NBC’s White House Correspondent in 2011, and was recently named co-anchor of NBC show Weekend Today.

Welker, 44, is only the second black woman to moderate a presidential debate alone. The first was ABC News journalist Carole Simpson in 1992.

Earlier this month, two other journalists tried their hands at moderating and it didn’t turn out so well for them. Fox News’ Chris Wallace caught  heat for his moderation of the first Trump-Biden debate, while USA Today’s Susan Page was also criticized for her handling of the vice-presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris.

MORE NEWS: Obama Calls Out Trump’s ‘Secret’ Bank Account in China, Says Fox News Would’ve Called Him ‘Beijing Barry’ [VIDEO]

Chris Wallace - Kristen Welker (Getty)

Chris Wallace – Kristen Welker (Dailly Beast composite/Getty)

Even Wallace admitted he was “jealous.” During Fox News’ post-debate coverage, in so many words he said he wishes it was him instead of Welker at last night’s debate:

“I would have liked to have been able to moderate that debate and to get a real exchange of views instead of hundreds of interruptions.”

But in all honesty, Welker didn’t have a complete fool in Donald Trump to deal with like Wallace did. In any event, it’s obvious Welker didn’t want to deal with the BS Wallace had to deal with, as she was praised specifically for managing to keep the Trump and Biden in line, and controlling the conversation – though she did have the advantage of the candidates being muted during each others’ allotted two minutes.

Meanwhile, fellow journalists are also praising Welker’s performance. NBC’s Chief White House Correspondent Hallie Jackson called it “a career-defining moment,” while another sista, Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner said she “gave the American people a real debate.”

Also, PBS White House Correspondent Yamiche Alcindor said she was “beaming” watching Welker.

Author Brigitte Gabriel said she did a better job than Wallace, and one person went so far as to suggest she deserved a medal for her performance.

And despite calling Welker “terrible and unfair” ahead before the debate, Trump took time during the debate to praise the moderator’s performance.

“By the way, so far I respect very much the way you’re handling this,” he said.

And for even those words of praise to come out of HIS mouth is nothing short of a miracle and is the closest thing resembling an apology to ever come from Donald Trump.

Dayuuuum Kristen, you are one bad-azz sista!

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