Sunday, April 18, 2021

Kat Graham Talks New Movie ‘Cut Throat City’ / EUR Exclusive-WATCH

*Actress Kat Graham co-stars in the new film “Cut Throat City” directed by RZA.

In the film, she stars alongside T.I., Shameik MooreTerrence Howard, and more. It’s the story of four young men who began robbing casinos as a result of trying to survive after hurricane Katrina.

The movie is set in the 9th ward if New Orleans, the area hit hardest by Katrina and the least assisted. Graham talks about what it was like filming in the area. After nearly 15 years post-Katrina you can still see how the storm damaged the neighborhood.

“It was amazing and also difficult. It was amazing because we had all these young kids come out and watch the process,” says Graham  

She also describes the sense of pride she could feel from the locals in the 9th ward. Those living in the area experienced the worst part of the devastation from the hurricane but stayed and figured out a way to survive even without the help of FEMA and the state. That seems to be the message of the movie. A community that refused to give up on themselves when everyone else did.

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In the film, Kat plays Demyra the wife of Shameik Moore’s character Blink, who’s involved in the casino robberies. Blink is a talented artist/painter who is trying to get ahead in life. He isn’t the stereotypical thug from an impoverished neighborhood, but a young educated black man who is still viewed as the before mentioned.

As his wife, Demyra shows her support by using some of her own resources to get them out of the trouble that has come their way.  

Graham also shared her own pride in working on a project that was meaningful.

“No matter what, everything that I touch from this point on has to be about integrity,” she says. 

It is admirable when actors and directors like Kat Graham and RZA make the decision to mostly take on projects that have meaning in life especially when it comes to black lives.  

 Make sure to check the “Cut Throat City” Instagram page @CTCMovie for updates on the film’s release.  



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