Saturday, May 21, 2022

Prominent Music Historian (Dr. Scot Brown) Releases Sultry Summer Single Celebrating Black Women

You may recognize him as an expert commentator on the TV One hit show Unsung, the PBS documentary The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution or from one of his appearances on KLRU, National Public Radio or VH1 among others.

Music Historian Dr. Scot Brown has become synonymous with black music history and University of California, Los Angeles professor is blazing a path for himself as an artist and producer with the recent release of “Last Man [Remix],” a danceable and uplifting tune inspired by a style of Reggae music known as Lovers Rock.

“A friend of mine was a big fan of Beres Hammond and she introduced me to the Lovers Rock style of Reggae which is a very romantic, warm sound,” said Brown. “Inspired, I composed a track with a smooth bassline and a joyful-sounding chord pattern — trying to capture that Lovers Rock feeling and combine it with an R&B and pop sensibility.”

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Scot Brown
Dr. Scot Brown

Brown teamed up with Mr. Ric, a vocalist, who co-wrote and sings lead on the song. “What ended up becoming ‘Last Man [Remix]” Brown said, “came together so naturally that it felt to me as if we were fulfilling a higher purpose in making the song.” Guitarist Rick Marcel added Brazilian Afro Jazz-sounding licks to the song. Brown said that he along with Mr. Ric and Rick Marcel all played in a band called “Radiance” during their high-school years in hometown, Rochester, NY. Fellow UCLA professor, Bryonn Bain also joined in and laid down a rap verse.

Brown’s experience as a musician and songwriter is the untold force behind his dynamic insights, artist interviews, and presentations. Having grown up in Rochester, NY he played in a local band called Radiance during his high school years, and always kept his “funk shield” close while combining his love of music and history to become a published author, educator, and public speaker.

Brown says the release of both the “Last Man [Remix]” single and video, is a refreshing celebration of the brilliance and beauty of black women around the world.

“The time is always right for love — be it directed toward a significant other, one’s community or humanity in general,” Brown shared. “But, the significance of love in “Last Man [Remix]” is even more intense during these challenging times. We need each other and need to see beauty in one another.”

The hot single can be purchased on Apple Music, Google Play, iHeart Radio, iTunes, and Spotify.

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