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The EUR Interview with Dr. Joseph Williams: ‘Curing The Racial Injustice Pandemic’ / WATCH

Dr Joe Williams
Dr. Joseph Williams a/k/a ‘Dr. Joe’

*Recently EURweb had a Zoom interview with Dr. Joseph Williams who has advice about the two simultaneous pandemics: COVID 19 and Racial Injustice.

Dr. Williams, who is known as “Dr. Joe,” is the author of The Journey: Principles of Total Life Transformation. He conducts a 40 day mind, body, and spirit transformation. In the midst of his activities to transform individuals taking his sessions, he spoke with me about some of the steps African Americans need to take to transform their health as well as address Racial Injustice.

Dr. Joe says the pandemics merge. “This pandemic of racism that we are seeing…the two appear totally different but they’re kind of connected on certain levels…Just to see us experiencing both of them in this same year is just…quite a horrific experience for our country.”

He first shared his insight on what African Americans need to do to address the COVID 19 crisis.

“We as African Americans, our health has been mitigated by poor habits, habitual habits, cultural habits, systemic habits…communal habits, things that have been passed down.”

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the journey - dr joe


“By and large it’s kind of a harsh terminology but we still have by and large a slave diet…We’re still eating like many of our ancestors who were slaves…We don’t have health champions who are advocating on behalf of our people…understanding our genetic makeups from the Motherland.”

Dr. Joe expressed that the diet from the “Motherland” was largely vegetarian, and that meat was only eaten occasionally. He believes that should be the current eating model for African Americans.

Another issue he noted was that “on the racial side, you see us living in communities that are food deserts. We don’t have access to fresh fruits and vegetables.”

To remedy food selections, Dr. Joe has “three quick things I would say: number one, eat more holistically in terms of eat things that are minimally processed…let’s buy the whole fruit; let’s get the whole pineapple, the whole watermelon with seeds in it. Let’s get the apple; let’s get the orange…Secondly, buy more foods that decay precipitously and what I mean by that is that the foods that are God made or natural are the foods that you can’t keep them for long periods of time…walk on the edges [of grocery stores] where things have to be refrigerated.”

Dr. Joe says that any food that does not die on its own, is not food. He encourages people to consume foods that “decay” like fresh fruits and vegetables rather than foods in cans or bags.

The third “quick thing” on Dr. Joe’s list is that African Americans need to return to cooking meals at home, using their own hands. He has a 90% to 10% ratio for dining out, with 90% of meals being prepared at home.

Another suggestion for staying healthier during the COVID 19 crisis is to exercise. He says “the best gym is outside.”

Connecting the racial pandemic, I pointed out that Ahmaud Arbery was outside exercising, having chosen an area he deemed safe.

“It’s a shame that we even have to have that conversation. It’s a shame that we even have to live in a way where we have to think about how we’re going to get our cardiovascular workout because of we don’t know what’s going to occur to us. It’s really sad that we’re having that conversation here, but you know, that’s where we are.”

Dr. Joe acknowledges the reality that in many neighborhoods for a variety of reasons, outdoor exercise can sometimes be complicated.

“A couple things about exercising. You don’t need a lot to get a good work out in. You don’t need a gym…the key is just moving.”

Dr. Joe says that 30 minutes of walking away from home and back home is a good option. He also concurs that backyard play with children and family is a good way to both exercise and spend quality family time.

Our conversation shifted to the Racial Injustice pandemic. Dr. Joe expressed that George Floyd’s murder was one of the most propelling calls for Racial Injustice to end.

“George Floyd, may he rest in peace, his life wasn’t in vain. George Floyd did more to advance the awareness of the plight of African Americans in eight minutes and forty six seconds than any leader, any organization has done in 400 years…you are seeing protests internationally.”

“We as African Americans we can not screw this one up…We can not emotionalize this. We need to be strategizing.”

Dr. Joe’s view on “strategizing” includes African Americans actively reducing violence within African American communities, fighting for legislation at every level, being conscious and conscientious about where and when the [black] dollar is spent, police reform, “nation building” which he explains is mindfulness about procreating and establishing households that create strong families thereby strong communities and a strong “nation.”

Dr. Joe said Netflix committed 100 million dollars to black owned banks, and praised Netflix, saying that those are the kinds of investments that will help end systemic racism. He encourages people to find organizations that “resonate” with them and then contribute to the organization by volunteering and making financial donations.

Dr. Joe sees the benefit in today’s fight against Racial Injustice as the several organizations and “faces” that allow people to choose which ‘voice’ speaks to them. Everyone is empowered to do some research and actively work to end Racial Injustice.

Concluding, Dr. Joe, who is a Doctor of Divinity and practices as a holistic doctor and certified nutritionist, has more to offer readers who are interested in transforming mind, body, and spirit. His book is available, free of charge and can be accessed at the following link:

For questions and comments to Dr. Joe, his social media contacts are: @drjosephwilliams (Instagram) @josephlwilliams(Twitter)@drjlw (Facebook).

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