Thursday, August 18, 2022

Blac Chyna Responds to Landlord’s Lawsuit Over $48K in Unpaid Rent

Blac Chyna

*Blac Chyna has fired back at her former landlord who sued her for $48,000 last year.

We previously reported…. the landlord, Michael Kremerman, is suing Chyna for a breach of lease. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Kremmerman claims that in 2017, the former stripper signed a one-year lease for a 6-bedroom, 5-bathroom, $4.5 million Studio City home from Kremerman at $16,000 a month.

At the time, things must’ve been going really good for Blac Chyna because she extended the lease until March 31, 2019, he said.

We can only assume the money got funny because she moved out of the home in November 2018 and stopped paying, despite the lease running through March.

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As a result, Kremerman says he is out of pocket to the tune of $30,546 in unpaid rent, plus $18,006.06 in damages, for a grand total of $48,552.06.

He’s suing Blac Chyna for the entire balance, plus attorney fees.

Meanwhile, the mother of two claims Kremerman owes her more than $20,000 from her security deposit and is now asking for twice the original deposit amount, Page Six reports. 

She also denies Kremerman’s allegations that she damaged the property. 

Chyna admits in newly filed legal docs that she owes repairs for an “accidentally damaged sink ($1,100), remaining rent due for November 2018 ($3,360); and cost of a popcorn machine ($231.02).”

Her attorney, Lynne Ciani, told Page Six that Chyna intends to countersue Kremerman for his “fraudulent claim” that she owes him “unpaid rent at a time when he no longer even owned the rental property.”

Earlier this year, a judge ordered Blac Chyna to pay Kremerman $72,000 after she failed to respond to the lawsuit.

The two are set to battle it out in court on June 26.

Ny MaGee
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