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Niecy Nash Was Almost Bitten By Snake in Her Backyard [VIDEO]

Niecy Nash
Niecy Nash

*Niecy Nash recently took to Instagram to share her encounter with a deadly snake in her backyard.

The actress/comedian recalled the moment in a video she posted for fans. According to Nash, she told her friend Sherri Shepherd about the snake, who then asked why she didn’t “jump up and run.”

Nash explained because she “weighs too much,” as she has been packing on the pounds since the COVID019 quarantine started.

Check out her video below.

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Baby Hair & Bamboo Earrings#50andWining

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Nash explains in the clip that despite her potentially deadly encounter with the snake, she can’t stop overeating. 

Fans of the entertainer hit up the comments with a few words of encouragement, with one follower writing: “Girl, I understand. This quarantine has me eating like crazy.”

The post comes several days after Nash joined the viral pillow challenge trending on Instagram.


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⬅️⬅️⬅️ #coronachronicles < ???

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Meanwhile, Nash previously revealed that she caught a lot of heat when she announced on social media in October her separation from husband Jay Tucker after 8 years.

The “Claws” star said that at the time, “It was less about the divorce being painful, because I feel like when you get to a point where you both understand we were better friends than partners, we’re on the same page,” Nash said. “But when people don’t agree with that and they try to make you do what they want you to do, that’s the part where you kind of get out-of-order.”

Much of the backlash came from fans who viewed her and Jay as #couplegoals.

“I wrote a book about love, and people were then on social media going, ‘Oh, so I guess all that stuff you put in that book didn’t work?’” she says. “I still believe every single thing I said in that book, but I also believe that sometimes for some people, forever ain’t forever, it’s for now.”


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Going back to Cali

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Sources previously revealed to that Niecy’s relationship with Jay had been rocky for two years.

Nash’s full-body surgery makeover and her “extreme career ambitions” allegedly caused major tension in the marriage. 

“Niecy got a brand new body right before she went to film Claws down in New Orleans and that’s when their troubles began,” according to the source.

“Jay was really uncomfortable with her graphic sex scenes on the show and that made their problems worse.”

The source added, “They were living in two different cities and Jay expressed he didn’t like his wife being in New Orleans while he was in LA.”

While Nash is open to finding new love, “I don’t know that I necessarily need to be married,” she said. 

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