Thursday, August 18, 2022

Broderick Hunter Claps Back At White Girl For Using Rap Song to Refer to Him As ‘Rich Ni**a’

Broderick Hunter
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – MARCH 4: Actor Broderick Hunter attends the First Entertainment x Los Angeles Lakers and Anthony Davis Partnership Launch Event at The Theatre at Ace Hotel on March 4, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for First Entertainment)

*Actor and model Broderick Hunter is not down with begin called the N-word, especially when the slur is hurled by non-Blacks who have been given a pass to use it by their Black friends.

As noted by MadameNoire, “They rationalize it by saying these people grew up around and understand Black culture. They’ll argue that they’ve lived an oppressive existence and understand the struggles of Black people across this world.,” the outlet writes.

But Hunter ain’t having it.

He recently responded to a Tik Tok video of a young white woman who shared a picture of him along with Saweetie’s “My Type” as the soundtrack to the clip. The lyrics to the chorus include: “Rich n*gga/8 figure/That’s my Type.”

While the Tik Tok user was obviously complimenting the super-delicious brotha, Hunter was not amused that a White woman referred to him as a “nigga.”

Check out his reaction below.

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Hunter shared the Tik Tok video along with the caption, “Wait- I’m sorry.. rich what?

In a follow up tweet he posted, “Idk what you YT girls take me for.. but that ain’t it.”

He added, “Could’ve used Backstreet Boys, Blink 182, N’Sync, Pink, Avril.”

Many social media users argued that since the girl on Tik Tok didn’t utter the racial slur, Hunter shouldn’t have been offended. To which he responded, “She didn’t say it” If that’s the case. Go pull up one of Donald Trumps MAGA speeches and play it on a loud speaker in any predominantly black or colored neighborhood. See if you get your ass beat. While they’re stomping you out. Just say “I didn’t say it.” to see if that helps.”

His defenders are thrilled that he called out the young woman for sexually fetishizing a Black man. One Twitter user wrote, “This song was a Black woman’s expression of her feelins towards a Black man. A yt woman used it to fetishize and objectify a Black man sit this argument out.”

Do you agree?

Ny MaGee
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