Saturday, April 17, 2021

EURweb’s COVID-19 Biz Alerts

*It’s true. We have never seen anything like this and we are in this together. is pleased to announce our COVID 19 Biz Alerts in order to provide low-cost updates about the current status of your business.

Biz Alerts will allow businesses to update adjusted business hours, services and other particulars that customers need to know.  Our personal challenge to you is to support small and home based businesses, and also remember the brands who have supported our needs thus far.  Our news channels are still open and we are happy to service our advertisers with other media placements as we handle this global crisis.

Thank you for being loyal to EURweb’s brand of authentic urban entertainment news and lifestyle information.  Because of you, we have been in business for over two decades serving an average of one million readers per month.  We also want you to know that we are in compliance with all measures to keep our staff, family, friends and community safe.  We thank all of our vendors and venues for your support. Our prayers are extended to those who have suffered the loss of family and friends.  We also pray for medical staff, first responders, service workers and all of those on the front lines at this time.

By all means exercise safety first, log on for daily updates and please subscribe to our newsletter.

Our Biz Alerts are just $25 per post. For more information on our Biz Alerts or other special rates during this time, contact  

Or call (323)254-9599.

LaRita Shelby
LaRita "Jazzy Rita" Shelby is a broadcast media & marketing professional. She serves as Director of Digital Strategy and Sales at Additionally she is an actress, singer/songwriter who has appeared on TV and in film.



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