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Gregory Williams Authors New Book: ‘Switch, DeBarge, Motown & Me!’

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*Douglasville GA – Imagine if you will a poor young black child around age six dreaming of big things, far away places and being the star/leader of his own world-renowned band. While understanding just how far-reaching that might be, pls accept the fact that Switch founder Gregory Williams, not only dreamed and believed that with his whole heart, he gambled all that he was and could acquire and became just that!

“Music Has Always Been My Life!” From his beginning as a solo vocalist in his kindergarten Christmas program, to acting in various school plays and being the trumpet blowing leader of his first band at age nine, through his successful years as the founder/leader of former Motown Recording group “SWITCH,” to West Coast Editorial Coordinator of “Sisters In Style” Magazine, and as President/CEO of Switch Entertainment LLC to date, Gregory Williams has been committed to some form of music and entertainment his whole life!

“I didn’t choose music, music chose me! I professed that I would be a musician/entertainer at age seven and have been blessed to live out my dreams to this day!”

Having spent practically his entire life in music and entertainment, Gregory is no stranger to the ups, downs and unpredictability of chasing dreams and ultimately catching them.

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Gregory Williams
Gregory Williams

In “Switch, DeBarge, Motown & Me!,” author Gregory Williams takes you along through the sights, sounds, memories and damn near the smells that he recalls from birth through the closing of his chapters as an artist, songwriter, producer and group leader with Motown Records and the original six young men who became known and loved as Switch.

Over the years, Gregory’s musical successes include writing, arranging, playing and producing hit records and remixes on top recording acts (Boyz II Men, El DeBarge, Grove Theory, TLC among others. In mid-2000s he enjoyed another hit records by R&B artist “Ne*Yo” (It Just Ain’t Right) and rap artist “Rich Boy” (‘Throw Some Dees” w/ hit remixes by, Kanye West, TI and Nelly, Andre 3000 and OutKast among others) who both have hit songs sampled from Switch’s hit “I Call Your Name”, which was originally co-written and co-produced by Williams and Bobby DeBarge.

Gregory was blessed to become the winner of ASCAP’s Top 100 R&B Songwriters for the years of 1979 and 1980; Gold and Platinum Album Awards as artist/producer/writer for Switch and Switch II; Gold Album Awards for Best of Switch and a Multi-Platinum Album Awards (more than 15 Million records sold to date) for Boyz II Men II. On June 23, 2008, he was the recipient of two (2) ASCAP’s “Rhythm and Soul Music Awards” for top Hip-Hop/Rap Writers and top Hip-Hop/Rap Music Publisher for 2007

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Journey with Gregory Williams as he shares how a little black kid from Grand Rapids Michigan conquered the entertainment world and who’s vision and music changed the lives of many, including the men we’ve come to know as SWITCH!

However, like all great things, they were challenged like never before! Journey with Gregory Williams as he shares how one small boy from Grand Rapids, Michigan conquered the world and changed the lives of the men we know to be SWITCH.

Gregory Williams’ “Switch, DeBarge, Motown & Me!” is available in print at all major book sellers and digital/e-book at and

In addition, Switch released a new single “I Love You More” taken from their forthcoming 2019 album. Check out the new music at





Gregory Williams
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