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Niecy Nash’s New Film ‘Uncorked,’ A New Netflix Original


Niecy Nash and Mamoudou Athie
Niecy Nash and Mamoudou Athie in ‘Uncorked’

*Are you confined to your house or apartment? Are you running out of things to watch? 

Netflix isn’t going to let you down, “Uncorked” now streaming is their new Original film starring Niecy NashCourtney B. Vance, and newcomer Mamoudou Athie! 

The movie is about a young man who has aspirations his family doesn’t understand nor agree with. He dreams of becoming a master sommelier! The only person he’s able to get support from is his mother Sylvia played by Nash. She’s the middle man between Elijah (Athie) and his father Louis (Vance).

Uncorked, NiecyNash
Niecy Nash in Netflixs’ ‘Uncorked’

Elijah is going against the grain by not wanting to follow in his dad’s footsteps to take over the family business. Louis owns a BBQ restaurant that was passed down to him from his father and he can’t come to grips as to why Elijah doesn’t want to take on the tradition.  Elijah’s choice to follow his dreams to become a Sommelier puts a strain on their relationship and he looks to his mother, for extra support. We asked Nash as a parent how does one balance being supportive but also ensuring sure your child isn’t making a mistake?

“You start with what you want them to do, but you have to let them push back and tell you what they want,” shared the Cali native and that is what her character did.

Sylvia has to step in and try to make Louis see how he’s not being supportive of his son’s dreams. Sylvia is the kind-hearted no-nonsense type of mom and wife, the backbone of the family.
“I was immediately drawn to Sylvia because she’s the heartbeat of the film and the tether between father and son,” explained Nash about taking the role of Sylvia. “This was such a unique story I hadn’t seen before. It’s coming through the lens of someone who looks like me,” expressed the veteran actress.
Nash and Vance’s on-screen relationship is like the auntie and uncle relationship goals you want. You see the love and respect they have for one another. So, when it’s time for Sylvia to put Louis in his place, it’s done with love and Louis is able to understand where she’s coming from and try to change how he reacts to Elijah wanting to take a different path. 

uncorked, Prentice Penny
Netflixs’ ‘Uncorked’ Director Prentice Penny

We often see movies that show the strong love and support moms have for their children but we don’t often see the father-son relationship unfold as it did in this film, especially in the black community.

“Prentice has such a deep connection to the material that it enabled him to be so expressively open and honest with everyone. I knew this was going to be something special,” said Athie.

Director Prentice Penny wanted to show a different narrative of how the black father is portrayed in films, and he did just that by showing the bond between father and son in “Uncorked.”

“It’s necessary, it’s a story that hasn’t been told often,” referred Nash about the importance of showing the black father-son relationship in movies.

Showing this type of father-son relationship isn’t the only part of this film that’s unique. Most of us enjoy a nice glass of wine but how many know of the job of a Sommelier?

“It’s something you usually don’t see, a person of color occupying that space,” offered Penny.

So grab your favorite bottle of wine – you may be like Nash and enjoy a buttery Chardonnay or take Athie’s suggestion and try a Margerum, M5 – press play on “Uncorked” and enjoy! 




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