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Courtney B. Vance New Netflix Film ‘Uncorked’

Netflix’s ‘Uncorked’ with Mamoudou Athie & Courtney B Vance

*”It’s a great movie. A beautiful love story about family and following your dreams!”

If you are looking for something to watch during quarantine to help you chill, then you need to watch “Uncorked” on Netflix.Uncorked - Mamoudou Athie & Courtney B Vance1 - screenshot

The film centers around Elijah (Mamoudou Athie) who has dreams of becoming a master sommelier (a trained wine professional), but his dream doesn’t sit well with his father, Louis (Courtney B.  Vance). Dad doesn’t take his son’s career path seriously and struggles with the fact Elijah is rejecting the idea of taking over the family business. Most of the time it’s hard for a parent to except their child has a different path than what they planned for them, it becomes even more difficult when its something that seems out of reach. 

“Uncorked” will take you through a rollercoaster of emotions as you root for Elijah and get frustrated with Louis, or relate to him and his reaction towards his son.

My father was my hero,” said Vance. “So I really identified with Louis. And Elijah. I think that’s what’s so important for the story, that you’re able to cheer for and understand everyone’s perspective. If a script is written well and there’s incredible tension in this story you want to cheer for them all to succeed,” shared the vertan actor.

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Netflix’s ‘Uncorked’ with Niecy Nash & Courtney B Vance

When asked how he would handle this situation as a parent, the Detroit native explained he has taught his children the power of learning and education. And feels if he focuses on the love of learning, his children will have a safe place to learn and express themselves. Then once he’s done he can feel confident about their choices in life. The Primetime Emmy Award winner also spoke about how the succeeding generation should have more options, options the past generations never dreamed of pursuing.

“Uncorked” takes place in Memphis, TN at Louis’ BBQ restaurant that has been in the family for generations. The film uses a unique way to show the often unseen relationship between father and son in the black community.

Vance spoke on the stereotype of the father not being shown or non-black characters in a film assuming the black character is fatherless. But in this film, we see the growth and ups and downs of their relationship. From moments of not speaking to coming to a place where they best understand each other. The 60-year-old also mentioned that sometimes families don’t get to that turning point and the relationship remains broken.

Athie’s portrayal of Elijah trying to balance being true to himself and his dreams while trying not to disappoint his father was just what director Prentice Penny was looking for. Vance and Athie’s chemistry as father and son comes across so naturally, as your watching this you will become connected to their story. The casting as a whole gives you that feeling. Becoming a Sommelier is extremely difficult, and the film shows Elijah going through that difficult process while still dealing with his family drama. Unfortunately, he experiences a tragedy that distracts him from school but unexpectedly brings him closer to his father.

Why should you add this to your watch list? Because Courtney B. Vance said so…

“It’s a great movie. A beautiful love story about family and following your dreams.” 

“Uncorked” a Netflix Original is now streaming on Netflix 



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