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EUR Book Review: Bethanee Bryant’s ‘Don’t Fall Prey … Dating Tales, Trials and Triumphs’

*We all know there are a million and one books out there speaking on dating, so what would make you want to read another one?

If it was filled with dating stories that make you chuckle or ones that remind you of your own experiences?  If it offered a few new perspectives on things?  Would that appeal to you?  If the answer is “yes,” then “Don’t Fall Prey” may just interest you.

According to the press release, “A new book, “Don’t Fall Prey!… Dating Tales, Trials & Triumphsby Motivational Speaker, Youth Mentor, Spoken-Word Artist, Blogger and Author, Bethanee Epifani J. Bryant, is a “right-on-time masterpiece” for and about women—Black women and those of all racial backgrounds—going through today’s daunting dating experiences. It takes readers on a personal dating journey with the author and other women: powerful women desiring positive, compatible dating partners with a potential for mature, happily committed/growth-focused, long-lasting relationships—minus the unnecessary games, drama and disappointment.

Bethanee Epifani J Bryant - don't fall prey - audience
Author Bethanee Epifani J Bryant speaks about ‘Don’t Fall Prey’ at a recent reception/promotion for the book.

“Don’t Fall Prey!… Dating Tales, Trials, & Triumphs” provides readers an entertaining, eye-opening, down-to-earth look at the current dating scene and the too-often poor choices made by many in the Millennial generation—influenced by reality television, social media, and societal breeding, in general. The book includes real-life stories of women with powerful relationships, but it also shares the pain of many others whose dating/love-life experiences demonstrate the countless issues Black women—particularly—face when it comes to not being chosen—or disregarded by their own Black men. The author presents interesting data comparing loving Black-on-Black relationships decades ago, versus those today, validating the issues that Black women are facing in not being able to enjoy dynamic and committed romantic partnerships, particularly with Black men. Bryant writes that, “The love we feel for Black men doesn’t always feel reciprocated…It feels as though the negative stereotypes that surround Black women (i.e. loud, angry, bitter, argumentative, etc.) have been adopted and circulated by some Black men. As a result, Black women receive the most disrespect from those outside our culture and from those within our culture. It’s like our men don’t truly see us or recognize us anymore, and only see the negative dialogue that covers us.”


don't fall prey - vertical
Author Bethanee Epifani J. Bryant (right) poses hostess/moderator, Morgan Chitty – Photo: Marilyn Smith

I was invited to a book signing for “Don’t Fall Prey” and decided to attend.  Because the book is advertised as being geared towards millennial black women, I expected a crowd of, ummm, millennial black women.  Of course, that expectation came to fruition; however, much more transpired than what I bargained for.  Morgan Chitty, whose articulate and poised mannerism set the stage for what was to come, moderated the event.  The author, Bethanee, read passages from her book and then discussed the passage with the audience.  As the discussion ensued, I realized I was in the room with not only a group of millennials, but also smart, poised and articulate ones…women and men.  Everyone who spoke was well-spoken and able to articulate his or her dating trials and triumphs.  Bethanee’s mother and brother were also present and it was immediately obvious that being articulate was an inherited trait.  Discussion ensued about whether men liked being pursued and the difference between a woman showing interest and being “thirsty.”   Fantasia’s recent proclamation that women need to be submissive was thoroughly discussed as was the Dave Chappelle quote that, “Chivalry is dead and women killed it.”  Colorism, being a “ride or die” and not dumbing down, all items mentioned in the book were also discussed.

If a book signing could elicit that much conversation, dialogue and intrigue, what else does the book have to offer?  That is the $64,000 question and may be worth finding out.

Don’t Fall Prey! Dating Tales, Trials and Triumphs is available in bookstores and at online booksellers, including  Check it out!

marilyn smith
Marilyn Smith

Marilyn Smith is a Los Angeles based writer/reviewer.  Contact her via [email protected].




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