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Tito Jackson’s Sons on Facing Their Mother’s Murderer During Parole Hearing

Dee Dee Jackson

*Dee Dee Jackson was the former wife of Jackson 5 member Tito Jackson, and many fans of the famous musical family aren’t aware that in August 1994, she died under mysterious circumstance at her boyfriend’s house. 

Earlier this year, Dee and Tito’s sons, Taryll (43), Taj (45)and TJ Jackson (41)– also known as the pop group 3T — attended an emotional parole hearing for the convicted murderer of their mother then shared on social media what happened during the March 28th proceedings, per I Love Old School Music

Taj tweeted: “Yesterday we had to drive 3 hours away to face my mom’s murderer for his parole hearing. The day was difficult, long, and emotional. But in the end, he was denied parole again ?…”

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Taryll posted this update on Instagram:

“Very emotional and tough day today. Although the man that murdered my Mother was denied parole, there is no victory or win because nothing will bring her back. To my family, friends and everyone else that called, sent messages, left comments and showed support… I appreciate you. It’s been many years, but it still hurts like yesterday. Your love was really needed and I thank you for being there for me. #deedeejackson #poweroflove #ddjf #domesticviolence”


At first, police suspected Dee Dee’s death was an accidental drowning. Dee Dee’s family, however, questioned that, telling authorities that she was terrified of the water because she couldn’t swim. Her fear of the water was well-documented during her relationship with Tito, according to MJMedia. Speaking to People, Tito said his initial reaction upon finding out about his ex-wife’s death was: “‘Drown?’ What was she doing in the water? You know, ’cause Dee Dee and I, neither of us swam.”

Taj jackson

Four years after her death, Dee Dee’s boyfriend, Donald Bohana — a businessman from Watts, California — was charged and convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to 15 years to life imprisonment. To this day, the circumstances surrounding her death remain a mystery.

Bohana’s account, via ILOSM, is that “she became trapped underwater after getting her hand caught somehow in the deep end of his pool and that he’d tried to pull her out, but couldn’t save her in time,” the outlet writes — adding that his account conflicted with her injuries and with reports from paramedics’ findings.

According to the Heavy report, the Jackson’s filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Bohana after Dee Dee’s death, which was ruled a homicide two years after a coroner ruled it an accident by drowning.

DeeDee was married to Tito for 21 years (from 1972-1993). 

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