Monday, May 20, 2024

Tamar Braxton Snaps at Female Fan on Instagram Over Boyfriend David Adefeso

Tamar Braxtond, David Adefeso

*Tamar Braxton felt the need to get a fan right together after she posted up in the comments of the singer’s boyfriend.

As noted by Celebrity Insider, Wednesday night, Braxton’s Nigerian bae, David Adefeso, took to Instagram to share a photo of himself and captioned it: “After spending the holiday weekend hanging with the boys and attending the epic finale of @kandi‘s #welcometothedungeon tour with the sensational @tamarbraxton I really need some recovery time#ThankGodForWater !”

One female responded, “Hey you,” which prompted  Tamar to lash out: “Hey boo! I’m Tamar from Baltimore…. this is my boyfriend David… so correction sis… hey Ya’ll !”

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Many co-signed with the mystery woman. “What did she do to warrant all the rant? I see nothing insecure here! I’m a Nigerian too and yes I love how she protects her man, and he is a good man; why would you bring up her ex???,” wrote one follower.

Another commented: “It’s always a “joke” when someone puts you in your place. She wasn’t joking. She just realized that her insecurities are showing. The end.”

A third Braxton supporter claimed: “I dontplaythat!!! I think most of us ladies on here should stop acting like you’d do the same.  I sure as hell would address it, and I don’t believe so Tamar was rude. These girls are just begging for attention everywhere! ”

One IG user said: “Tamar was joking; I’m sure she isn’t worried about you or any other woman. A joke is a joke, personally, I wouldn’t have said anything because you get all this bs shade on here for nothing. A grown man is not going to get in caddy women  because it wasn’t anything to shut down; it was a joke. I never have seen so many grown women acting like middle school kids. Lol, it makes y’all look special needs. Smh.”

Do you think Tamar was out of pocket with her response to the woman? 

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