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Sexual Compatibility Takes Backseat to Political Compatibility in Online Dating

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*Times are a changin’ … again as it always does. But specifically, the issue here is that people are choosing their date mates more on their politics than how good the sex is. Yep, that’s a huge change.

Find out more about in this excerpt from Huffington Post:

Since the 2016 election, the OkCupid team noticed such a strong interest in politics that it began sending its users push notifications with questions about specific issues and political figures. On Jan. 10, the day Trump visited the U.S.-Mexico border, the app sent a new question to users: “Do you support the wall?” Eleven thousand people answered the question that day, and the number has climbed to 1.5 million since then. While 87 percent said they don’t support the wall at all, 8 percent said they do; 3 percent said they support building a wall if Mexico pays, and the remaining 2 percent said they only support the wall if Mexico doesn’t have to pay.

OkCupid, like most dating apps, won’t share its exact number of users or any specific demographic breakdowns. But Hobley said the users skew millennial and urban, two groups that tend to lean liberal, with an even number of men and women. She said she has observed from internal data what others have reported ― that conservative men are having an increasingly hard time dating online, particularly in metropolitan areas.

“You may have read that Trump staffers can’t get laid,” Hobley said. “It’s kind of true, based on what we’re seeing, that Trump supporters are having these issues.”

Since the app has been asking the simple question, “Trump?”, since his election, 90 percent of users have responded “no” or “hell no,” indicating that the app should not even show the people who support the president. Millennial women, unsurprisingly, are the most likely to prioritize politics in online dating. Seventy-three percent of them (compared to 56 percent of millennial men) have told OkCupid they’re looking to date someone of the same political party, and half of all women on the app say they won’t date someone who doesn’t vote in elections.

Get the full story at HuffPost.

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