Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Meagan Good Says Minister Hubby Wants Her to Make Sex Scenes Look Real in Movies [VIDEO]

*Meagan Good stopped by DL Hughley‘s Show earlier this week to promote her latest film, “The Intruder,” and during the conversation she dished about how her pastor husband, DeVon Franklin, feels about her steamy sex scenes.

“I’ll call him and be like “Babe, I’m about to do this sex scene.” And he’ll just be like ‘Ok, well just make it look real, cause you want the audience to care about you and the relationship,” Good revealed.” That’s what’s gonna drive the movie, so just get into it.’ He wasn’t looking to change me in marriage. He knows who I was before marriage. So there is growth that happens individually and collectively.

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The actress recently opened up to PARADE about celibacy being a major part of she and Franklin’s relationship prior to marriage.

“I had gotten out of another relationship and started praying about what was next and what I should be doing and I started being celibate and working on myself and healing. Then 10 months later at the premiere, Devon and I ran into each other again and he asked me out for coffee and two weeks later we went out on our first date, It was 10 months later that we were engaged, a few months later we were married, and it will be seven years on June 16,” she said.

When asked why she believes being celibate helped the relationship, Good explained: I believe that it helps because the relationship wasn’t based on physicality and I think sometimes when that leads the relationship and that type of connection, I think sometimes you can’t really see clearly and you settle for things that you wouldn’t settle for during long term. And you don’t really realize that until three or four years down the line.

Meagan and her hubby, who is a spiritual coach, public speaker and movie producer, also take joy out of coordinating their schedules to be sure they are supporting each other’s projects.

“Oh yes, we are coordinating everything. It’s funny because it’s like, “Well, all right this is my week to do The Intruder press tour, and he just got back from the Breakthrough press tour, and he came to the screening of a movie I directed and I just went to his movie. So, we kind of jump around a lot and make it work.”


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